Cut Up the Fruit

orange slices

When I was growing up, my mother bought fruit, but it would sit in the refrigerator and often go bad. It would make her so frustrated: “I buy all this nice expensive fruit and you girls never eat it!”

But sometimes, she’d cut up a juicy orange, put it on a plate, and walk away. It would sit bright and fresh on the counter, scenting the room and inviting us to taste.

Wouldn’t you know, that fruit on the counter would disappear.

Years later, living with Benson, I yelled at him because I bought expensive organic blueberries and they were going bad in the refrigerator. Yes. I turned into my mother. And then I realized: I do not want to be yelling at someone I love. I want to offer him healthy things for his beautiful body.

So, I waited until his snack time, and I washed the berries and put them in a purple bowl on the counter. He came in, started talking about his day, and as he was talking…

He ate the freaking berries.

Now when I teach career management, I use the berry principle for people who want jobs: Make it easy for your employer. Give them what they want how they want it. Don’t say, “Call me,” call them. Have everything ready and beautiful. Make it fun and easy to choose you.

Sure, sometimes you don’t want to do the work for other people. Totally fine! Don’t do it! But if it’s something that’s important to you and might not be important to someone else, then stop getting frustrated.

Cut up the fruit. Put it on a gorgeous plate, and make your offer tasty.


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