Take Care of Yo Self

relaxation-686392_1920This is for that ice cold Michelle Pfieffer, that white gold. This one’s for them power girls, them strong men, the straight masterpieces. Stylin’, wilin’, stressing it up in the city. Got shoulders creeping up to your ears, can’t stand Yo Self, you so worried.

Is this you? Yeah, me too. Don’t worry, I’ve got a plan for us!

Relax your shoulders, give them a break, and then do this: Take care of Yo Self.

Yes, you. Do it. Do it for you.

Here are my top three recommendations:

images-91.Say No

Feeling worried about that holiday party? Team members proposing additional meetings? Friends deciding to do a last minute cookie baking thing? Say no. Do not commit. Don’t say “maybe,” it’s worse than no. JUST SAY NO. YOU ARE AN ADULT. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SAY NO. YOU DON’T HAVE TO GIVE SALLY A REASON. SHE IS AN ADULT TOO. Say no. Own it. Then, sit at home and watch Netflix, because YOU ARE ADULTING YOUR WAY. Rock it out the way you want.

065-365-_Show_us_your_smile!_(2765083201)2. Tell Yourself It’s All OK. All of it. It’s All OK.

The holidays are a time of increased activity and increased responsibility. You might forget something. It’s OK. You might skip a workout. It’s OK. You might put rum in the kid’s cookies for the bakesale and get in trouble with the PTA. It’s OK. You might not get Christmas cards out. It’s OK. You might say no to a friend’s party. It’s OK. Are you getting the gist of this? It’s all OK. Give Yo Self a huge, freaking break.

images-103. Treat Yourself Like You Are Beyoncé

Sometimes I think I am fat, ugly, and out of shape. My friends reading this at home are now all screaming at their computers how these things are not true. And they are not. But sometimes I think them (see #2: it’s ok). So, when I do, I imagine I’m Beyoncé on a press tour. Bey would want fresh nourishing food, exercise, massages, loving attention, rest, perhaps some sweet restorative yoga with beautiful chanting. She would put on her favorite jeans and sexy soft sweater and listen to beautiful music. I can do that too. My body doesn’t want crap and neglect, so I channel the fierceness of Queen B.

Oh my goodness, people. We are going to get through the holidays just fine. Like DARE always taught us, “Just say no.” Then, remind yourself that it’s all OK, even when you feel ugly, fat, out of shape, and tired. Take some time, channel Beyoncé, and remember that you’re a survivor.

You’re gonna make it. You will survive, and keep on surviving.


2 thoughts on “Take Care of Yo Self

  1. This. This is exactly what I needed to hear this morning. I’ve been in a panicky sleep since about three am because of the three catering events I have the next three nights. The conversation with myself has been along the lines of “the food will taste bad, it will be too spicy, you’ll run out” and answering myself with “girl, please. your food is rad, people want to eat it, you can do this.” So channeling Queen B is exactly what I’m going to do today.


    • Yes! I love it! I catch myself beating myself up all the time. Good time to stop and channel Queen B 🙂 You are a catering dreamboat! XO


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