Food Doesn’t Love You Back


Do you hate the title of this week’s blog? Yeah, I thought some of you would, because, well, maybe you’re like me, and you LOVE coffee and pizza and creamy chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

But, I’m sorry to tell you that, although you love food, it doesn’t love you back. How could it? It’s inanimate. Well, unless you eat that crazy sushi stuff that’s still alive. And believe me, that creature hates you for eating it.

I love coffee in the morning because when I drink it, I’m taking time for myself in the quiet of the early hours.

I love making pizza because I can share it with people as a symbol that I love them. Or, when I buy pizza, I love that I’m giving myself a break from cooking to relax and enjoy a movie night.

And guess what? I don’t love ice cream anymore. This year, I got honest about how food feels in my body, and ice cream makes me feel sick. But I loved getting ice cream cones with my late grandmother – I remember her giant smile and her body shaking laugh.

Love in Heaven

Food doesn’t love me. And food doesn’t love you. People love us. So many people love us.

I can take time for myself without coffee. I can share my love without pizza. I can give myself a break and enjoy a quiet evening without takeout. I can connect to people and smile and laugh without ice cream.

We could eat a pill that’s genetically engineered to be premium nutrition for our bodies and never have to worry about food preparation again. But very few of us would take that option. I mean, I still LOVE food, even though it doesn’t love me!

But, what if you couldn’t get any pleasure from food? Where would you find it?

The things that fill your life with joy and meaning are not on a plate. They never were. So look up.

People love you. So many people love you. And you love so many people.

If you’re trying to lose weight in 2016, then embrace the truth: Food doesn’t love you back.

Resolve to stop searching for love in food. Resolve, every day, to love yourself, your people, and your life. In that order.

Happy New Year, beautiful readers. 2016 is filled with love, calorie free, for us to discover every day.


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