Big People Have Big Problems


“Turn your mess into your message.”

– Tim Storey

Sometimes I am amazed at how wonderful Oprah Winfrey is, and then I remember that her childhood was one of abandonment and abuse.

Sometimes I think Martha Beck is an incredibly gifted writer, and then I remember that, in addition to her Harvard PhD and New York Times bestselling books, she also came from a childhood of abuse. Oh yeah, and then she got married to a man and had a Downs Syndrome child. And then was divorced and came out as a lesbian. And left her conservative faith.

Sometimes I think Michael Phelps is an incredible athlete, and then I remember that he suffered from ADHD as a kid, floundered in school, and has been arrested for a DUI.

Big people. Big problems.

You know what? I hate problems. I resist them. I whine about them. I wish I didn’t have them.

It rarely occurs to me that problems could be preparing me for something in my future.

Last weekend, I was walking and listening to an interview with Tim Storey, and he said, “Turn your mess into your message.”

The trees sharpened in my focus. I thought, “Of course.”

I was the most anxious teenager on the planet. I thought I should be better at everything in my life. I worried about everyone liking me. I was a female Robin Williams. My whole life, I’ve been called: too happy, too theatrical, too corny, too big. And then, I’d become even more anxious.

Are you starting to feel anxious about all this talk of anxiety? Dude! Me too!!!

However, because my brain is so amped, I’ve searched for and learned about every possible way to overcome anxiety.

Now, I teach public speaking, writing, and ethics: three anxiety riddled topics. My students display their bodies and their thoughts in public. There’s a lot of shaking, stuttering, sweating, and nervous laughter.

And then there’s me. Their leader. The mess who teaches anxiety reduction.

And yet…

  • I’ve done a lot of research.
  • I’ve had a lot of experience.
  • I’ve learned a lot of important strategies.
  • I’m perfect for the job.

Totally makes sense, right? Mess to message.

Surgeon's_knotHow is your mess shaping your message?

Oh wait: Are your problems even bigger than mine? My problem is simple? Well, what if, instead of resisting your big problems and whining about them, you stop for a moment and consider this:

Maybe you have a really big message. Maybe you are a really big person. Maybe you have had to learn how to deal with a lot of pressure and adversity because you are preparing for greatness.

Greatness will be a lot of pressure. Only strong people can withstand that, and strength is built by overcoming adversity. A muscle fiber grows stronger when it tears and then heals.

Have you been challenged? Under pressure? Are you tired of being torn apart?

  • Take time to heal.
  • Take time to accept your mess.
  • Then, find the message.

Beautiful reader, I know this: You are destined for something even greater than you believe is possible.

Do you have big problems? Guess what? You are a really big person.

You have been building strength. You are getting prepared for what lies ahead.

You are going to turn your mess into your message.

How exciting.

I can’t wait to hear.

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