Today is a Treasure Hunt

treasure-1238318_960_720Good morning, beautiful reader. Big stretch. Soft smile.

Now, get ready! Today, we are on a hunt.

First, sit down with a big mug of delicious hot coffee or tea while I tell you about what we are hunting.

We are on a hunt for treasures that will be hidden in your life today. I don’t want you to get too excited, but you are going to find some amazing things.

Someone is going to tell you something extraordinary.

Someone is going to smile at you, and you will smile back with ease.

Someone is going to ask you a question that will make you curious.

Someone is going to teach you something.

Watch for these things. Look for them.

Keep hunting. There is always more!

You are going to eat something delicious. It is going to come easy. It will be right in front of you, and it will taste incredible.

You are going to help someone who will be so grateful.

You are going to walk among the most incredible trees, and a bird is going to sing for you.

You are going to see the most beautiful flower. Pause. Notice the petals, the leaves, the outer edge, the center.

You are going to remember something that you forgot. This will be the best treasure of the day. That thing that you forgot will now give you hope. It will remind you of how sweet your life has been and how sweet your life is becoming.

Ah. I love morning coffee. Mmmmmm.

Are you ready? Me too.

C’mon, beautiful reader, let’s get out there.

Treasures are waiting. Watch for them. Look for them. Find them.

Keep them in your heart.


2 thoughts on “Today is a Treasure Hunt

  1. I love this concept, Georgi! I often ask in my morning prayer for God to show me the treasures stored up for me in this day, but then, as you so beautifully illustrate, I have to be on the hunt for them! And that mindset can only come with practice. When I am in the doldrums, thinking that treasure is out there waiting to be found could really help. Hmm. maybe a Treasure Hunt alarm at my work desk?! lol.


    • Erina, I totally agree – I have to remind myself that I’m on the hunt too 🙂 Always feels better to set a good morning intention 🙂 XO!


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