Self-Care is Sexy

treatment-1327811_960_720Ok, I admit it, I put sexy in the title to get your attention. We’re going to get there, but first let me tell you about my week.

My school year is wrapping up with lots of work, meetings, and events. At a recent meeting with my coworkers, after we had discussed several stressful topics like assessment, my director suggested that everyone take care of themselves. I added that everyone should get a great two-hour massage at the local massage school for $70.

I mean, can you beat that deal? No. And, can you resist a two-hour massage?? Well…

Turns out a lot of my colleagues don’t like massages! What?? There were several different stories – bad experiences, migraines, and one of my coworkers even temporarily lost sight in one eye from leaning on a massage table the wrong way.

So then, I just laughed. It was another great reminder not to give out advice. But it does bring me to one of my favorite topics: How do you care for yourself?

When I am feeling stressed, I play with this question. It’s easy to answer with food. And, when you live in San Francisco for years like I did, you can lie in bed at night dreaming of chicken korma from Indian Oven, basil eggplant from San Tung, crepes from Squat and Gobble, flatiron steak from Park Chow, panang curry from Ploy II. I can think myself right into a happy food coma.

However, an even more fun challenge is to answer this question without involving food or drinks. How do you care for yourself without those two big and deliciously immediate pleasures?

images-15.jpegTry this: Make a self-care list. All kinds of noncaloric things that make you feel good. Then, in your most stressful times, be sure to do something from your list every day. Even better, do something every day, even if it means waking up a little early in the morning.

Next, take this question to your friends! I have learned so many new and fun ways to relax from my friends by asking this question. Some people do things I would never find relaxing (driving) while others give me great new suggestions (essential oil diffusers – so awesome! Do you have one?).

Here’s the thing – a lot of people put self care on the bottom of their to-do list, or it’s not on there at all. Do you know what gets done every day? The things on your to-do list. So, think about your self-care, and then schedule it on your calendar.

Yes, beautiful reader: Put you on your calendar. Like, now. Like a non-negotiable meeting.

Yes, you really do deserve a two-hour massage. But, if you’d rather not, then take two hours over the course of the week and fill it with something amazing… just for you.

So, I put sexy in the title to get your attention, but do you want to know who is really sexy? People that take care of themselves.

Oh look, that’s you.

How delicious.




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