You Want to Grow


All right now, let’s turn it up

Everyday do like a flower does

The sun it rises and she opens up

The sun it rises and she sings

– Sean Hayes

There is a rose bush in my backyard that I stare at before closing my eyes for my ten-minute meditations. It is wild and bright and varied: small buds wrapped tight, nascent blooms, sophisticated bundles of petals in their prime, wide open petals bathing in sun, and splayed open blossoms in many sweet stages of decay. It’s birth, life, and death presented on a tangle of branches, urging me to learn this:

Grow. Grow and enjoy it. Every stage is incredibly beautiful.

Why do so many of us resist what nature knows so well? We must grow.

When I visit my mother in Florida, her friends always tell me how young and lucky I am: to have so much life before me, to have a healthy body, to have more chances. Even though I always want to argue, “I’m not that young!” I remain silent. I know that, to them, I am young. And to the 90 year old, the 70 year old is young.

More time to grow.

Every day, you are growing older in mind, body, and spirit. It is done. It is happening. It is nature’s law.

Why fight your evolution?

When I was a teenager, I was wrapped up like a bud: protective of myself, scared, full of ideas and desires, yet unwilling to really share them. I looked around me. Other people were blooming and beautiful. I didn’t think I’d ever feel that way.

Then I grew.

On those Florida visits, I also observe many people who don’t enjoy their growth, who resist and bemoan and complain with their mouths turned down, their shoulders caved in, their eyes avoiding your gaze. They do not want to see your smile.

In resistance, there is pain, and it is unnecessary. It is unnecessary because it is done. You are always growing older. Time to enjoy it.

When you resist your growth, you still grow: You grow bitter, you grow disappointed, you grow angry, you grow sick. You look at the blooms around you and dislike them. You declare that you are not as beautiful as you once were. You wither more rapidly than you need to.

Why? Because you are believing lies. Lies never feel good in your body or mind. The truth is, at every stage of your growth, you are incredibly beautiful.

IMG_3126You need to grow.

Allow it to happen.

Open up.

Offer yourself to the world.

There is no need to look around you in order to determine how to do it.

Beautiful reader: Are you feeling bitter? Disappointed? Complacent? Angry? You weren’t born to feel that way for long. Your natural state is joy. If you’ve lost it, don’t worry.

Nature is teaching you to ease up on the resistance. There is a lesson in every flower:

Grow. Grow and enjoy it. Deep inside, with a knowledge older than time, you know how to do it. Follow the sun.




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