10 Minutes, 10 Days


After a day of work, I was standing at my kitchen counter feeling exhausted and contemplating a glass of Merlot at 5pm. It was happy hour, right? It was an acceptable time to start drinking, right?

Then I thought to check my Fitbit, one of my favorite things. It told me I’d only walked about two miles that day.

Only two miles? Why am I so tired?

Ah, you see, it wasn’t my body that was tired at all. It was my mind.

I was emotionally, not physically, drained. But it felt physical, and I knew that first glass of wine would slow down my thoughts. After two glasses of wine, I’d start thinking about how much I loved everyone I knew.

Sound familiar? Maybe it’s not wine for you. Maybe it’s Doritos. Or chocolate. Or ____.

Or, maybe you have figured out what it took me a long time to discover: You could just sit still for a while and breathe.

Meditation is so freaking easy. You are a master at it already. There are no special tricks. Proclaim yourself an expert at it, because all you have to do is this:


Sit still and focus on your breathing.

  • You don’t have to sit any special way.
  • You don’t have to say any special words.
  • You don’t have to wear any special outfit.
  • You don’t have to sit anywhere in particular.
  • You don’t have to have beads or incense or any gear! (Aww, sad. I know how much some of you love gear.)

Sit still and focus on your breathing.

Now, I am going to challenge you! Ten days, ten minutes. For the next ten days, you spend ten minutes sitting still and focusing on your breathing. I like to close my eyes, some people say you can have a “soft gaze.”

Whatever. Who cares?

Here are two free apps that will make it easy: Headspace and Stop, Breathe, and Think.

You don’t even need an app. Seriously, just sit still and focus on your breathing.

There are so many benefits to this simple practice, I could write you an extended research paper with a million links. Oh, look. Someone did that.  Let’s just say that no one has argued that meditating is a bad idea.

Why do I do it? It chills me out. I don’t need the wine. It really helped me make it 90 days without drinking. It helps me find space in my life. It slows down any stressed out vibe I get going. It is a great way to recharge.

It’s like you’re an iPhone at 32% battery and meditating 10 minutes will get you back to 80%. Don’t you want that charge?

Just do it.

10 minutes, 10 days.

After those 10 days, you will never question the benefit of this practice again.

Besides, you’re already an expert at it.

Beautiful reader: 10 minutes, 10 days. Charge it up. You’re going to be looking and feeling even better than you look right now. I can see you. I love what you’ve got going on, and these ten days are just going to add a little more glow to your look.

And, if you make it all ten days, treat yourself to some gear. Or Doritos on popcorn.

Or ten more days. 🙂


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