Getting 20% More Relaxed


As we were drifting off into savasana, our yoga teacher Scott said, “Can you get 20% more relaxed right now?”

More relaxed? Seriously? You’d think that an hour of vinyasas and chair poses and arm balances followed by an invitation to act like a corpse would fully relax someone, right?

But no, I wasn’t totally relaxed.

Sprawled out on the floor, body fatigued, breathing slowly, I could still get 20% more relaxed. And now, I’ve taken to asking myself that question often:

  • Can I get 20% more relaxed about this?

I didn’t realize how much I needed this question.

I’m not always very relaxed. Sometimes, I have a really hard time chilling out. If I don’t exercise, I can twist myself in a knot all day. I’ve had a long history of turning to my good friend wine after a long day to pleeeeaaassseee help me relax.

And yet, at any point in my day, and any point in your day, we can decide to be more relaxed. We can take deeper breaths. We can relax our muscles. We can soothe ourselves. We can move and stretch. We can stop talking. We can walk outside and be quiet.

img_3971What if you were 20% more relaxed about your job?

20% more relaxed about your body?

20% more relaxed about your future?

20% more relaxed about your family?

20% more relaxed about money?

All this talk of relaxation may make you crazy. You may be thinking: Who has time??? I have to work harder! Put in more hours! Push harder! Try harder! Go faster! Be better! Do more!

The thing is, you don’t.

Believe me, I’ve tried all those methods. They sometimes work, but they don’t feel good. They make me frustrated and they make me want to drink wine and eat Doritos.

What if, instead, we got 20% more relaxed about it all?

Creative people get their best ideas in dreams, in the shower, on a walk, on a run, sitting outdoors. Inspiration comes to a relaxed and happy mind. Intuition flows to a mind that is calm and clear.

When you’re upset or stressed or angry, you’re not receiving intuition, you’re receiving negative impulses: fear, paranoia, doubt, defensiveness, worry.

What if you could tap into the knowledge of your body, optimize the knowledge you already know, and more easily access the intuitive knowledge that is ready to flow to you in whispers and leanings?

To do that, you need to quiet down. You need to CTFO.

Beautiful reader: You are gorgeous as-is. You are exactly where you need to be. Your life is unfolding in incredible ways. You have a knowledge that is deep and strong and sure. It’s there. It’s just quiet. If you quiet your mind, you will hear.

What is your next great idea? What inspiration awaits? What is your intuition telling you?

Get 20% more relaxed.

You’ll find out.





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