Rest on Your Skeleton


Halloween has come and gone, and my neighbors are putting away their dancing skeletons and digging up the skeletal hands that were poking through the ground to grab us.

All these skeletons are campy and fun, but sometimes I forget that I have my very own skeleton, and I walk it around every day. It’s there, beneath the fat and muscles I often obsess about.

You don’t easily change your skeleton. You can break it, but it’s really hard to break.

Instead, you can rest on it.

Rest on your skeleton. It’s solid, and it’s there.

When I first started hanging out with rock climbers, it took me quite a while to learn the lingo. Rock climbers are often saying strange things, like “that’s chaucy” (crappy crumbly rock) or “I have the beta” (information) or “I flashed that route” (I climbed it clean without someone setting any gear and without knowing any beta).


One day, as I was watching crack climbers, a climber was in a layback position, and someone offered this strange advice:

“Rest on your skeleton.”

The thought hardly computed to me, I kept running program on it, like, “What??? What does that mean? How do you do that? Is that even possible?”

And yet, we all have a skeleton. It is strong. It is foundational. It takes the load of all our muscles, fat, skin, blood, and bodily fluids. It is the structure beneath all the thinking, flexing, pumping, and moving.

Rest on your skeleton.

The other day, I was out running on my local Shoreline trail, and I was tired in mind but not body. I’m happy that I can tell the difference now, but I still get aggravated at my mind for not getting with the program some days.

Relax, Georgi. Breathe. Enjoy this time outside. Your body feels strong. It’s just your thoughts that are weighing you down.

And then, I chose a thought that gave me tremendous relief:

Rest on your skeleton.

Somehow, my legs felt lighter, my shoulders relaxed, I released the load to my skeleton, to my bones. I let the foundation of my body guide me down the trail.


You’ve got this. Let it go. Relax and breathe. Rest on your skeleton.

As Fall changes slowly to Winter, fear creeps in about changes, Daylight Savings knocks our clocks back, and we resist the impending death of the shiny green things in our lives.

Beautiful reader: Underneath it all, every day, you have a skeleton. It is strong. Despite the changes in your muscles and fat and thoughts and lives, it is solidly there. It can hold you. You can trust it.

Hey gorgeous, do you ever feel weary?

Me too.

Good thing that feelings are temporary, like Halloween decorations.

Good thing that your skeleton is always there.

So lay back. Rest on your skeleton. Trust in your foundation as everything changes around us in the stunning and never-ending cycles of life.

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