He Whispered, “Do It.”


We were on the ground in a kneeling lunge in yoga class when our teacher told us to twist to the right and see if we could send one arm below our leg and one behind our back to bind the pose by clasping our hands together: a bound revolved kneeling lunge.

I threaded my arm through my legs. I had the bind securely. It felt good to turn toward the right wall of the studio, to relax and breathe into the twist.

Then, our teacher said that if we felt up for it, we could extend our back leg from the kneeling position to a full bound revolved lunge.

I thought about it. I doubted myself. It always sounds simple. I wiggled my fingers and bound my hands tighter. I considered…

And then, the guy behind me whispered, “Do it!”

In over ten years of practicing yoga, very few people have talked to me in a class. Most people don’t talk in yoga classes. Certainly, no one has ever whispered, “Do it!”

I couldn’t see his face because I was turned towards the wall. Initially, I was shocked. Then, I thought that was REALLY FUNNY. Then, I lifted my back leg.

I did it.

Then, I fell.

Next came a laugh, because I always laugh when I fall in yoga.

My teacher later helped the whispering guy with one of his poses. I heard him tell her that it was his first yoga class.

Ahhhhh… I guess he didn’t know that most people don’t whisper, “Do it,” or really whisper anything at all during yoga.

And no, the guy was not hitting on me, with his giant wedding band. After class, he efficiently rolled up his mat and left with no further words to share.

Really, he just wanted to offer me those two words of encouragement.

Do it.

yoga-1148172_960_720Words of encouragement are everywhere. Every day, there are whispers from spirit around us: in the story of a friend, in the laugh of a child, in the line of a book that seems written for you, in the lyrics of a song in your car on the way to work, in the guy behind you at yoga class whispering, “Do it.”

Beautiful reader: Who or what is whispering to you? Where do you need encouragement? Do you believe that your life can be surprising and interesting and fun? It can be all of those things every day. Choose to grow and challenge yourself. Choose to progress the pose and fall sometimes. Choose to enjoy becoming the fullest expression of yourself. There are so many people out there who want you to succeed. There are so many people cheering you on.

Relax and breathe.

Listen for the encouragement and guidance that appears throughout your day in so many surprising, interesting, and funny ways.

Hey gorgeous: You’re doing so well. I love you so much. I’m right behind you.

Do it.



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