There’s No Pride in the Afterlife


I know a lot of dead people. What happens after death? I’m not sure, but I’m very curious about it. There is definitely a spiritual realm that I’ve bumped against and don’t fully understand. And so, it was really fun to go to a party with a medium.

Being a medium means conveying information from one person to another. In this case, a woman at the party acted as a translator between dead people and the living.

Are you still with me? Good, because something really interesting happened.

(Well… Let’s face it, a lot of really interesting things happened. I don’t have the space to tell you all the stories, you’ll have to go camping with me and I’ll tell you by the fire).

The medium was acting as a translator between a young man and his dead grandfather. The grandfather, when living, was known to be very businesslike and rules-based. The young man is currently dating another man and working in fashion. He wanted to know if the dead grandfather was proud of him.

When he asked the medium, “Is my grandfather proud of me?,” she made a face like she was eating lemons.

She said, “Oh… No… There is no such thing…” She shook her head and was quiet for a moment.

She continued, “Pride is an ego concept. It needs some kind of rule or judgement that proves that you are a good or bad person. Your grandfather may have done that when he was alive, but there is no such thing in the after life…”

“There is no pride in the afterlife, only love.”

Meanwhile, I stopped breathing. What?

stained-glass-window-180279_960_720She continued, “Your grandfather is always there, and now he is constantly flowing love to you. You can tap into it anytime. He is only love now, and you could do anything. He will only have love for you no matter what you do.”


No pride in the afterlife, people. Only love. A constant flow of love. Unconditional love.

Can you imagine? No pride?

Confession: I get wrapped up in pride. I want dead people to be proud of me. When I graduated with my Ph.D., I hoped that the dead people I knew were there in the room and proud of me. I also want living people to be proud of me.

Most of all, I want to be proud of myself. Yet the thing is, I keep doing “awkward” things and making “bad” choices and saying “the wrong” words and feeling “inappropriate” feelings.

But what if there were no pride, no judgement, only love? Only love flowing to me. Only love flowing from me.

What if I just loved myself for making mistakes? Loved myself for struggling? Loved myself for the weak and soft parts of my body and soul?

What if I tapped into and accepted the love that is flowing to me at all times?

Beautiful reader: What if there were no pride in our now-life? What if we surrendered to love? There would be so much more warmth. So much more ease. So much more passion. Nothing to do except the things you enjoy. No goal to set except the one that would be fun. Nothing to achieve except loving people and loving yourself no matter what.

I’m going to practice this now, before I die.

Gorgeous living being: Happy New Year! What if this year, there is only love?



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