Have More Fun


Recently, I got into an Uber to go to downtown and meet some friends. When I got in the car, I asked the driver how he was doing.

He was not doing so well. He had a list of complaints for me. Tired, weather, some chick damaged his car, yadda yadda.

UUUUUGgggggggghhhhh what a bummer, dude. Mmmmmmmmrrrrrph.

After a while, I didn’t really feel like listening to him complain more, so I asked one of my favorite questions:

“What do you do for fun?”

Turns out he likes to cook spaghetti for his girlfriend. How adorable is that. Pretty cute. I loved that story, but then, Noooooooooo!!! It turned to more complaining: His girlfriend never cooks. He wants to go out more. She just wants to sit on the couch. It is frustrating to always be the one cooking spaghetti.

So, because it was a limited time conversation, and I wanted to get right to the point, I said, “Go out without her.”

He seemed horrified! at the thought of leaving this couch potato woman at home. I was totally into it. I suggested he go out and LIVE HIS OWN DAMN LIFE!!!

Why is this suggestion so crazy to some people? And here’s the more important point:


Do you know that some people have turned their cabs into quiz shows? Some people have turned their cab into a carpool karaoke show? Some drivers read their passengers poetry? (That happened to me once. Loved it. So much fun.)

Yo, dude, there are people out there doing what you do and having more fun. Is that OK with you? Wouldn’t you like to have more fun?

So, as I was getting out of the cab, I said, “Listen. It’s 2017. I’ve got a New Year’s resolution for you: Have more fun.” And then he replied, “Yeah, I guess…” LIKE IT WAS A BAD IDEA!!!


I got out of the car and met up with my hilarious friends and had fun, fun, fun.

Gorgeous reader: Life is fun. Every day can be fun. Everything you do, even cleaning your house, can be fun. You can make everything more fun. You don’t have to listen to people whine about their lives and do nothing about it. You can get off that ride. They don’t want to listen to you anyway. They don’t want your advice. They don’t want you to fix them. They want to tell their sad stories. That’s ok, just go out with your damn self and find your own fun.

Tomorrow is never a guarantee. How are you going to make today more fun?

What’s that? Spaghetti? Great idea. Mangia, mangia, mi amor. Loving you out there.

Life is amazing! Have more fun with it!


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