What Are You Looking Forward To?


Have you ever caught yourself thinking about the worst case scenario? Fighting, yelling, being left out of something special? Having someone you really care about say something terrible?

The worrying mind: I create vivid future nightmares and then hope they don’t come true.


I gotta stop that.

Let’s do something more fun.

If you’re going to project yourself into the future of your life, look forward to something.

This weekend, my sister friend Kjerstin is coming to town!!! For weeks now, when I find myself feeling stressed out, I think, “Kjerstin is coming!” and I know we are going to laugh together and hug each other and she is going to call me “gem” and “gemmy” and she is going to ask me all kinds of hilarious questions about what I would do on deserted islands.

The answer is swim. And dance. And walk around. And run around. And drink from coconuts!

Anyway, all this thinking about Kjerstin has made me really happy. She was a tich worried about the trip, because it is a business trip for her, and she got away into the future and said she didn’t know about time schedules or work or…

And I stopped her. And I said, “I am going to see your face. We are going to laugh. That’s all I want.”


I’m looking forward to seeing her face and hearing her laugh, and that is all. I’m looking into the future and smiling.

Kjerstin is the real gem. Shiny, sparkly, glittery, sweet, caring, and insanely good at her job. I get to watch her in her element. I get to be her plus one all over town. I am calling myself her “trophy wife.”

Who cares what will happen? We will be together. Laughing.

Beautiful worrier: The next time you catch yourself telling all those scary stories about what will happen in the future, and all the things that could go wrong, stop. Notice. Notice that you have traveled in time. Notice how it feels. Try to come back to the present. If you can’t help but get ahead of yourself, why not craft stories of beautiful moments that will unfold?

You’re going to fall in love with something or someone. You’re going to laugh. You’re going to be included in a very special event. Someone you care about is going to say something to you that is perfectly timed and incredibly sweet. You are going to hug a close friend. You are going to have an incredible adventure. What does it feel like? Taste like? Smell like? Look like? Sound like?

Laughing with Kjerstin is like being pulled onstage with a rockstar and the whole crowd cheers for you because you get to spend time with such a special soul. It feels energizing. It sounds like your favorite song.

I get it, boo. Sometimes I time travel and freak out. Yet I’m trying not to worry these days. It’s optional. I’m practicing staying present, and, if my brain keeps feeling the need to look into the future, I’m practicing scenarios full of possibility and opportunity and laughter and love.

Want to practice with me, gorgeous? OK: What are you looking forward to?



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