Make Out With Yourself


Emm and I were headed up Logan Canyon to the Beaver Mountain yurt when I noticed the license plate of the car next to us.

“OH MY GOD!!! Look!” I said, “UR LOVD! Do you see that? We are loved!”

Do you get super excited about good license plates? I do, especially ones with great numbers and messages. Wasn’t that the COOLEST message?:


We laughed and kept talking, and then I had a funny realization. At the minute I saw that license plate, Emm and I were talking about the awesome peeps waiting for us at the yurt. We were excited about how they play incredible music, how they say ridiculous things, how adorable and cute they are, how much we admire their work.

They were loved. They didn’t even know.

It feels so good to love other people, right?horses-998300_960_720

But sometimes, you say, there is no one to love me. I don’t have many friends. I can’t play an instrument. I don’t have someone to make out with. I don’t have a stupid happy attitude about license plates. The cars that pull up next to me are spewing exhaust and I road rage instead.

I get that. UR not feeling so LOVD. I’ve been there too.

One day, when I was moping around with no one to make out with, this quote by the author Dodinsky popped onto my Facebook feed:

May you fall into your own arms.

May you speak the words you need to hear.

May you have gratitude with each breath.

May you build dreams with faith.

May you embrace your soul with kindness.

May you bring wisdom from your past.

May you choose peace instead of anger.

May you see the light in your darkest night.

May you stumble upon yourself when lost.

May you uncover courage beneath these fears.

May you accept mistakes with humility.

May you practice forgiveness to heal wounds.

May you see the beauty of your imperfections.

May you find love within your own heart.”

And as I read it, I thought: What??? Fall into my own arms?


And then, I thought: Embrace my soul with kindness?


And then, I thought: Speak the words I need to hear?

OK, that one I can do. I’m great at speaking words. Hmmm… What words do I want to hear? Oh yeah, THE SAME ONES WE ALL WANT TO HEAR.

You know what I’m talking about, right? Well, here they are:


Beautiful, gorgeous, human reader: We are all on the road together. Some road trips are better than others. Look around you for good signs. Every day, you are loved. You are loved by many you don’t even know love you. You are loved in ways you may never understand. You are loved by people and animals and the rays of sun shining on your face (did that one break the hippie meter?).

Most of all, give love to yourself. Fall into your own arms (I figured this out: arm balances in yoga). Find the love in your own heart. Speak the words you need to hear.

What do you need to hear this week? Speak up: You’re a smart fox. You’re a courageous cat. You’re a sexy kitten. You are the sunshine that warms those around you. You are looking so good out there in cyberspace, I can’t even stand it!

Hey, boo:



Full love mode: Emm, G, and river trips


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