You Should Date Conrad Anker


My friend/coworker called me on the phone to discuss some school business. And then, as we were talking, she casually said, “Hey, Georgi, you know our commencement speaker?”

I said, “You mean Conrad Anker?”

She said, “Yeah. That guy. You should date him!”

I paused for a second before saying, “CONRAD ANKER???”

She said, “Yeah. Isn’t he your type?”

OOOooooook. Let’s pause for a moment for those of you who don’t know who Conrad Anker is. First, let’s remind you all that he is the keynote speaker for a crowd of thousands of people at a huge state school commencement.

Because he is famous.

Conrad Anker is a famous climber, filmmaker, author, and founding member of the North Face Climbing Team.

And he’s not an average looking dude. With a totally unaverage body.

And my friend thinks I should date him.

I said, “Are you KIDDING? Conrad Anker? First of all, he’s married, but even if he wasn’t, it’s CONRAD ANKER! You think I could date him?”

She said, “Sure! You are smart, and you are really fun, especially when you let it rip.”

I laughed.

Oh man, I loved the idea that she thought I could date good old Conrad Anker.

ConradAnkerHey Conrad, let’s have a drink. Hang out. I mean, I’m fun. I let it rip.

Of course, I immediately thought of all the reasons why Conrad would reject me: I am not a world class climber. I would not be able to climb with him, and frankly, I’m not interested in trying. And, oh yeah, I’m not a fitness model. I have body fat. Junk in the trunk.

But hey, I am smart. I am fun. I am reasonably fit. I do let it rip.

My friend thinks so highly of me that she’d like to set me up with Conrad. This is the same friend who also likes to talk about how we are going on CNBC together. We are also going to make a lot of money and be philanthropists – like Conrad, who has his own charitable foundation.

My friend doesn’t seem to have limits for us.

Why do I?

Why not me?

Why do I discredit myself?

Why not imagine it’s possible?

Beautiful, gorgeous, supermodel reader: Where are your limits? What do you think you’re unworthy to receive? And why? Why not you? Why don’t you deserve a world class job? Why don’t you deserve to date a rockstar? Why don’t you deserve to make millions of dollars if you want to? Why not dream the biggest and the best version of your life possible?

No reason. No reason at all. Let’s take off the limits in our minds. Let’s dream big. This is the one life you have to live. This is time to see if your dreams are possible. Are you ready to try?

Hey boo, I’m loving you out there. You should date a Conrad Anker.

And you know, I’ve also heard that Gerard Butler is available…

Wish me luck. I’m gonna let it rip.



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