Murder Your Old Story


A group of crows is called a murder. My friend Matt reminded me of that recently. I love a good murder. My favorite songs are often about murder (ooh, here’s a great one). And then, as I was reading tarot cards recently, I pulled the death card.

The DEATH card is a scary card to pull from a tarot deck. Ooooh, it’s ominous.

Death. Murder. Endings.

Luckily, my tarot teacher Cherella taught me that the death card is full of symbolism. Look at the number on top: Lucky 13. The white rose means purity and purification. In the distance on the right, the sun is shining brightly through two white pillars. The sun “dies” and is reborn each day.

Often, the death card does not literally mean death.

It means death to your old story.

In a wonderful sequence of events, I then listened to a School of Greatness podcast with Kyle Cease. He asked this powerful question: What is trying to emerge in you? It gave me goosebumps. What is trying to emerge?

marigold-1503876_960_720Something wants to be born. But, before it can, we must make room.

We must let go of our old stories.

Death to your old story. Birth the new.

I’ve had students come into my office and tell me old stories. Gorgeous men who are scared to ask women on dates. Women with 4.0 GPAs who say they are doomed to a life of misery. All kinds of people who are not smart enough. Not beautiful enough. Not good enough at public speaking or school in general.

It makes me murderous. I’m itching to kill their old stories. Too bad I can’t do it for them.

Hey, boo: Only you can make room. Only you can let it in. Only you can make the change.

Rebirth. Emergence. New beginnings.

Something wants to emerge in you. Something wants to grow. If you’re experiencing pain lately, you may be shackled to a shameful old identity.

Kill it.

Death to your old story! Birth the new.

My old story is that I am an ugly, weak, awkward spaz. I’m not strong enough. Not fast enough. Not good enough.

knife-2162020_960_720Great news! I’ve stabbed the crap out of that story with sharp knives. I have done my best to kill it. Sometimes, it makes some last ditch attempts to get me, like that creepy villain in Diehard who never seems to die, but I’m on to it.

Death to my old story. Birth the new.

Death to your old story. Birth the new.

Gorgeous, super smart, storytelling reader: Want to make a transformation? Want to put down the heavy things in your life? Want to create powerful movement toward what you desire?

Start telling a new story. Make it a really good one. One that excites you.

Here’s mine: I’m a powerful feminine force for change. I educate leaders through my words and example. I do difficult things and gain insight in the process. My weaknesses become teaching plans. My struggles become offerings. I’m not on the planet to be pretty. I’m here to connect to people and love them and make them laugh as much as possible.

Hello, new story. I love you.

Hey, boo: What’s emerging in you?

You are so beautiful out there in cyberspace. Time to transform, lucky 13. Make room. Let it in. Shake the shame. Get murderous.

Death to your old story. May it rest in peace.

Birth the new.




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