Don’t Believe Me? Just Watch


During my recent long run, I was feeling a little tired and then Mark Ronson started singing Uptown Funk and I caught the lyric he was throwing out to me: Cause Uptown Funk is going to give it to you – It’s Saturday night and we in the spot – Don’t believe me? Just watch.

Yeaaaaaahhhh, Mark.

Don’t believe me? Just watch.

Just watch.

People are always watching.

Who is watching you?

I just finished an executive seminar where I taught my students that research shows that the #1 influence on organizational climate is the behavior of leaders.


What you do.

Yes, you.

No, it’s not just a fancy speech you give. Not just the words you say.

golden-eagle-627943_960_720People are watching WHAT YOU DO.

One of my beautiful friends always wants to help people. Like me, he loves learning and wants to share ideas with his friends. His friends have been resisting him.

Do people resist your advice? Are you ever like, “Why don’t you listen to me??”

Yeah, you get it. In fact, when my friend told me that his friends don’t listen to him, I laughed and laughed. Because guess what? I get paid hundreds of dollars an hour to consult and yet people often don’t want to hear what I have to say either.

HA HA HA HA HA! Come on, that’s really funny.

You know what? It doesn’t matter! The struggle ends today, everyone! Never again will you have to tell people what to do. You never ever ever EVER have to give anyone advice.

You want someone to believe you?


Put on an awesome show.

Let them watch.

Want people to believe in themselves? Believe in yourself. Let them watch.

Want people to go after their dreams? Go after yours. Let them watch.

Want people to feel good? You feel good. Let them watch.

Want people to trust you when they’re struggling? Show your struggles. Open your heart. Let them watch.

You want people to live a healthy life? Be healthy. Be strong. Let them watch.

Gorgeous, beautiful, caring reader: Do you really want to help people in your life? Practice not giving unsolicited advice (it’s a practice: it took me years to learn this and I still mess up!) Instead, do this:

Put on an awesome show.

Get out of other people’s business and get really good at yours. Lead by example. Chase your own dreams. Manage your own mind and attitude. Take care of your own health and body. Then, see who is drawn to you. Allow the others to orbit out of your life.

Who cares if everyone doesn’t listen? Your people will. I freaking love my people (yes, that’s you).

It’s Saturday night. You’re in the spot. Oh bae, I can’t wait to see your show.

Be the very best version of you. Let us watch.




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