I Think I’m Amazing


Me trying to look amazing at Round Valley and instead looking like I’m picking my nose.

“Wow, Georgi,” my sister Kate said, “You’re amazing. I can’t believe you’re going to run 26 miles.”

“Thanks,” I said, because I do think I’m amazing, “but it’s possible for most people to do it. It just takes time. You could do it too.”

I’m going to run a marathon next month.

Truth bomb: I don’t think running a marathon is  that amazing. Lots of people have done it. Many, many, times. Probably many of you reading this have run one. Or a bunch.

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to do it and I’ll be super happy with myself for finishing it, but before the marathon even starts, I will think I’m amazing, and no matter how it ends, I will think I’m amazing.

I think I’m amazing.

If you think I’m not amazing, I have to say, “Ummmm…. Have you MET ME??? I’m amazing.”


How I look after running 15 miles. Maybe not so amazing. Kind of gross, in fact.

There is nothing anyone could do to convince me that I’m not amazing.

Do you think you’re amazing? Do you realize that it’s your choice to believe that or not?

Guess what? I think you’re amazing. All of you. And if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know where I’m going next…

Even though I think you’re amazing and tell you over and over that you are amazing, it doesn’t matter what I think, because you will sink and rise to the level of your own thoughts.

Think you’re stupid? You’ll feel anxious and make careless mistakes.

Think you’re unattractive? You’ll hide in the corner and not notice people checking you out.

Think you could never run a marathon? You won’t.

You will sink or rise to the level of your own thoughts.

Meanwhile, I am over here, constantly thinking that you are amazing.

Why am I so sure that I’m amazing? Because I choose to believe it, and I practice that thought.

I’m a woman. My body cycles with the freaking moon. That’s amazing.

I can run. I have total range of motion. That’s amazing.

I can smile at someone and they usually smile back, because deep down we all want to smile at each other. That’s amazing.

I get to be a teacher. It’s totally amazing.

I get to share ideas with cool people. Amazing.

The sun rises every morning and I don’t worry about it. Amazing.

This life is amazing. This planet is amazing. Animals are amazing. Children are amazing. The sun and the moon do a dance with each other and eclipse each other at the perfect distance and time.


Gorgeous, living, breathing, beautiful human being: You are AMAZING. Practice believing that thought. Practice believing that about everyone else too. Look for the most amazing things in your day and give so much thanks that you saw them. With your amazing eyes. The ones that soothe your friends and turn on your lover. Those gorgeous, gorgeous, eyes.

I see you, boo. I love you. I think you’re amazing.

What are you thinking? What do you practice? Pay attention.

Choose to be amazed.


Smokey the Bear trying to make a move on me. Thought he could get away with it! Amazing.


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