You Are Lying, Your Body Is Not


When people aren’t telling you the truth, you will feel it.  You don’t have to argue it or try to catch them in a lie, you can just feel that what they are saying isn’t right.

We lie easily with words.

Our bodies don’t lie.

Wisdom is physical.

One of the key communication concepts I teach people is that, if their nonverbal and verbal communication do not match, people will believe their bodies. Without an incredible amount of control, when you lie, your body shows stress signals, changes vocal tone, alters blink rates, and makes your eye contact unnatural.

Not that anyone is easily able to notice these things.

We feel them.

brown-518324_960_720We wouldn’t say, “Joe was looking straight at me when he lied, and then afterwards, he started blinking furiously.” Only the nerdiest of communication nerds might notice this. Only a CIA trained agent might notice this. The rest of us feel it.

Lying feels weird.

Our bodies know lies. When you become close to people, you feel them, and you know them, and you know when something is not right. No words need to be exchanged.

So here’s the weirdest thing: We try to lie to other people and even try to lie to ourselves. Our bodies hate it.

When you lie to yourself, it physically manifests in all kinds of tension, aches, pains, and frustrations.

You deserve to feel good. You deserve to be free of pain. You deserve the truth.

Wisdom is physical. Get quiet. Relax. Check in with your body.

Hey boo, you have a deep physical wisdom. Isn’t that cool? Isn’t it amazing? Listen to it. Let it guide you. Tell yourself the truth.

treatment-1327811_960_720-2Tell yourself the truth about your desires. Tell yourself the truth about your joy. Tell yourself the truth about what makes you feel good. Tell yourself the truth about where you want to go. Tell yourself the truth about the people in your life.

Beautiful bodied, intelligent, instinctual creature reader: Your body is telling you the truth. Align your physical and mental states. Have fun dropping the spoken lies and embracing the deep wisdom of your life.

Ever talk to someone who tells the truth? Ever been in the presence of someone who follows their truth? It’s incredible. It’s sexy. It’s charismatic and magnetic. It’s alignment. It’s power.

Do it. Follow your guidance. See how it feels.

Loving you out there. Tell the truth.


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