You Need to Get More Play



As I was was walking down the snowy path from Eli’s cabin to the car, Everett snuck up behind me and landed a snowball directly in my back.

The kid had great aim. He also had a great laugh, an awesome smile, and a cute little puffy jacket. He had the gear. He had the drive. He had the joy ready to go.

He was ready to play.

PLAY!!! This is the message I always get from kids.


Am I? Are you? Are we going to play?

Last week, I gave a presentation in Phoenix, Arizona. There were several white haired audience members. One older dude named Gary started teasing me.  With a twinkle in his eye, he said he wasn’t so sure how my talk was going to appeal to him.

“Oh, don’t you worry, Gary,” I said, “I’m going to loop you in.”

Let’s play. Game on.

I teased Gary, he teased me, and we played with each other all night. You know, the adult kind of verbal play that is endlessly fun.

But only with people who like to play.

Do you like to play? Have you been playing lately? Are you willing to play a little more?

Could I be more playful about this? That’s my new question.

IMG_5726 2Before the snowball fight, Everett also took me upstairs to show me his awesome room and a giant window framing tall, tall pine trees and snow falling.

He pointed way up to the sky: “Georgi – See? Up there? Where the snow starts coming down? That’s infinity. When it gets lower, it’s hundreds.”

Children are curious. Creative. Playful. They see abundance. Infinity. Hundreds.

Beautiful reader, you who used to be a child, you who used to giggle and scream and joyfully run around: Children want you to play. The universe wants you to play. Everyone wants you to be just a little bit more playful.

“Gary,” I said, “I think I have more fun than you do in retirement.”

“Oh no,” he said, “Not possible. I have the most fun.”

And we laughed together. With twinkles in our eyes. Playing. Enjoying the moment together.

And I stood in front of Eli’s cabin, covered in snow, laughing. Playing. Enjoying the moment with Everett.

Hey gorgeous – there’s a snowball coming at you in your future. How will you react?

Loving you so much.

Isn’t it time to play?


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