It Can Always Be Easier


Last weekend, I sat and drank beers with two people who were trying to convince me that it was hard to get to know new people. It was hard to start new relationships.

I told them that they were a bummer. They didn’t love that.

And you know what? Who cares what I think? Everyone is entitled to their opinions. It’s just that your opinions are not facts. And, without realizing it, your opinions can cause you a lot of unnecessary suffering. Unnecessary.

You do not have to suffer so much. I don’t want to see anyone I love suffer so much.

Get quiet. Watch your thoughts. Meditate. Notice what is going on in your mind. Gently and compassionately notice the opinions you are holding. Defending. Clinging onto.

Let it all be ok. But start to notice when you suffer. What are you thinking?

cheers-839865_960_720You can choose to believe that something is hard.

Or, you can believe that it’s easy.

If you observe your thoughts, you will start to see the choice.

You can always make things more difficult.

However, on the other hand, you can always make things easier.

Yes. You can.

  • Things can be easier. What can be easier for you?
  • Things can be lighter. What can you lighten up about?
  • Things can be surrendered. What can you give up?
  • Things can be let go. What or who can you set free?

Take a deep breath and consider this: That situation or personality trait or other person you think is “difficult” could be a really, really, really good thing. An incredible learning experience. A strength building challenge. A window to self-knowledge. A bottom you hit in order to bounce sky high.

Beautiful, beautiful, absolutely gorgeous reader: The one who is making things harder is you.

sunset-622966_960_720Look in the mirror. Look deep into the eyes of the person who can make things easier.

Life can always be easier. Life can always be more interesting. Life can always be full of wonder and amazement. Life can be a gift you receive every day.

Don’t make things so hard, boo. Cut that out. Get quiet. Notice.

Loving you out there. Ease up. Aaaahhhh. Ah-ha. There you go. Better, mmm?



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