Or… What If That’s Not True?


Name a book that has changed your life.

My answer is Byron Katie’s book “Loving What Is.” I listened to it on audio with tears streaming down my face.

So many thoughts run through our heads.

So many thoughts run through our heads that aren’t true.

So many lies run through our heads that hurt.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Before I listened to Katie’s book, I rarely questioned what I thought. I rarely questioned my own beliefs except for special times at school when I was supposed to be a “critical thinker.”

Funny, the critical thinking usually going on was me criticizing me. Me frustrated with me. Me judging me. Me thinking all kinds of things that simply were not true.

After I listened to Katie’s book, I started a new practice: questioning my thoughts.

What am I thinking?

Is it true?

Is it really true?

light-2581929_960_720That person doesn’t like me: Is that true?

I need to do a better job: Is that true?

I need to be faster and skinnier and sexier: Is that true?

He would never be attracted to me: Is that true?

My students are on their cellphones because I’m boring: Is that true?

Spending the day resting is lazy: Is that true?

Oh, so many thoughts we have.

Oh, how our brains can worry.

Oh, how we make up all kinds of stories about ourselves and other people.

Oh, ha ha ha ha ha. Ha! HA HA HA!!!

Hey, boo, what are you thinking? Wow! Is it true?

Beautiful, smart, fast-thinking reader: Have you watched your thoughts lately? Have you noticed them churning around? Have you stopped to observe the traffic on your brain’s highway of ideas? Look closely. Listen with curiosity. Be so kind and sweet and gentle to yourself and that monkey mind.

Maybe Katie’s book won’t thrill you. But, I am so glad that she asked me the questions that have changed my life:

What are you thinking? Is it true? Can you be sure it’s true? What if it’s not true???


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