That Marathon Kicked My Butt, So Here’s What I Did


At mile 25 of my first marathon in September, my friend joined me in running the final mile. With tears and snot running down my face, I ugly cried and begged her to tell me funny, happy stories.

Usually, I’m the one telling stories. Usually, I’m the one cheering people on.

Have you ever been seriously humbled?

Have you ever felt completely weak?

That marathon kicked my butt.

It stabbed my ego.

It was not fun.

I love fun.

There was the good: A gorgeous friend hosted a pasta and grilled chicken and fresh vegetable dinner at his house full of love. There were guitars and people singing and clinking glasses of champagne. Friends made posters Rawr Rawr Georgi Rausch! and screamed and danced.

IMG_6115There was the bad: My headphones didn’t work. I compared myself to ultra-runners who think 26 miles is like sneezing. I beat myself up for not training better. I took off my shoes to find two blackened toenails. I could hardly walk afterwards. And so, so many tears.

Do you know when to take a moment and be proud of yourself?

Do you know when to give it a rest?

Do you know when to stop?

I’m learning.

There was the best: I took a victory month. October was full of dog walking. Hiking slowly and looking at trees and leaves. Dancing with a glass of wine in my kitchen. Traveling to Ireland. Drinking Guinness and riding trains. Eating good food and sipping whiskey. Appreciating the Irish accents. Storytelling. Laughing. Giving myself a giant break.


Up until the race in September, I ran over 400 training miles. In October, I ran 11.

What now?

Yesterday was November 1st. I got up early, drank coffee, leashed up Blue, and went on a run. My first run of November.

We ran three miles through the last falling leaves.

We laughed.

We stopped at corners and danced to Andy Grammer: I give love to all of my people, all of my people need love, I give some.

What do you do after being humbled? You make a comeback.

IMG_5493Gorgeous, beautiful, humble reader: I ran a marathon. Trained. Tried. Persevered. Finished. I did that. I’m proud of myself. Amazed at myself. Thankful that I kept a promise to myself. Knocked out that I pushed my limits that far. Learned so much about who I am and who I want to be and the people I want to be with.

Have you had your butt kicked lately too? Good. I love you for that. You’re in the arena. You’re out there trying. You’re growing. You’re learning. You’re absolutely freaking beautiful. Nice job.

Do you know when to give it a rest? Try it sometime. Have a laugh. Dance around. Listen to funny people. Give love. Receive love.

Know what to do when you’ve recovered? Come back. Begin again.

Loving you out there. What’s next? XO


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