Leadership Super Skill: Self-Soothing


Hello out there, you gorgeous leader, you. You love to read about self-improvement. You love that new book about being better. You love a new challenging workout.

I know. You love to dial it up. Me too.

And yet…

Do you ever have that sense that you’re never quite there? An ache of always need to be better? A sad feeling that it’s never going to be enough?

Oh, amazing one. What if there’s another way?

What if the most important work of leadership is the ability to chill out? The ability to focus? The work of getting in the zone? The process of opening yourself to be receptive to the flow of new ideas?

What if you don’t need to be better? What if you just need to calm down?

Try it.

wave-64170__340Soothe yourself to success.

Soothe yourself.

Put down the iPhone.

Tell yourself that everything will be ok. Remind yourself that you will be ok.

Let it all be ok.


Eat nice meals and savor every bite.

Sleep in on the weekend and slowly sip tea.

Allow yourself pleasure.

No matter what is going on, let it be ok.

Be gentle with yourself.

Every day.



Take a break.

Have dessert.

Sit quietly in meditation for ten minutes.

Ask friends to help you.

Hire people to help you.

Call a hotline or reach out for professional help.

Beautiful, ambitious, gorgeous reader: Soothe yourself to success. Let everything be ok. Chill a little more. Relax a little more. Loosen a little more. Quiet a little more. Easy a little more. Flow a little more. Enjoy a little more. Let the present moment be enough. Come back to now. Breathe deeply.

Self-soothing is the most important work of leadership.

Have you tried it? I bet you’ve tried punishing yourself. Yuck.

Now try this: be good to you. So good.

Yes, boo. Try. Not as a reward. Every day. As a way of life.

Loving you out there. Self-soothe. See what happens. You may be amazed.


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