It’s Uncomfortable Outside the Comfort Zone


The gentleman in the front row raised his hand and said, “I’m freaking out.”

A very intelligent grown man freaking out.

Why? Because my colleagues and I had just asked him, and a class full of graduate students, to give a short elevator pitch about who they were and what they were all about.

We asked adults to introduce themselves, and they freaked out.

This is the life of a teacher. Nudge a student outside their zone of comfort and voila… discomfort.

Have you felt uncomfortable lately?

When you leave your comfort zone, you are going to feel uncomfortable.

Trying to run your first 5k? Hello, discomfort.

Going back to school? Bonjour, discomfort.

Dating someone new? Hola, discomfort. I knew you were going to show up.

But wait wait wait, gorgeous!!! Here’s the great thing about emotions: You can feel them. You can allow them. You can handle them. You can work through them.

mug-1863438_960_720Do you know what we said to that gentleman who was freaking out?

That’s ok.

You’re freaking out? That’s ok.

You are about to do something that’s challenging. It’s ok.

You can be uncomfortable and still do that thing. That’s called courage.

Courageous people are uncomfortable and they do it anyway.

You can freak out and still do it.

You can feel a little nervous and scared and worried and still do it.

Life outside the comfort zone is uncomfortable. You risk failure and rejection.

IMG_5518Know what else is outside the comfort zone? Improvement. Pride. Accomplishment. Excitement. Expansion. Passion. Dreams. Goals. Leadership. Strength. Incredible health. Astounding wealth. Profound influence. Hot sex. Big love.

Cutest, smartest, sweetest, most adorable reader: Be comfortable for as long as you want. You can always, always, always choose comfort. I choose comfort ALL THE TIME!!! I love it. I love being comfortable. You can always return to comfort. You can always retreat to the zone.

But then, if you ever want to go outside the comfort zone, prepare to feel like this:


A little nervous.

A teeny bit (or bigtime) scared of failure and rejection.

If you feel that way, lovingly remind yourself that it’s because you have left the zone.  Why? Because you are courageous, you are brave, and you are making your dreams come true. You are going after big things. Now and always, remind yourself that it’s your choice.

It’s always your choice. Have fun with it.

Loving you out there. Ready to get uncomfortable?


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