Are You Scared To Write a Blog?


Welcome to blog post is number 111. In numerology, 111 marks new beginnings. Alignment. Fresh starts. But this is how I felt before I posted blog #1: SO SCARED.

Me: writing writing writing and thinking thinking thinking how people would call me ridiculous. Stupid. Simple. She’s cheapening her degrees by writing stupid shit online.

OMG SO SCARED. Courage is when you’re scared and you still do it. Yes, I still get scared. And yet here I am: still doing it.

Over a hundred posts. Thousands of views. Countless private messages and emails saying THANK YOU. Georgi, I APPRECIATE you. Your words HELPED ME. You said something I was thinking. It’s so weird, YOU CONNECTED to my problem. After a difficulty, THANK YOU for a new way of thinking.

You know who I would have reached if I stayed scared? NO ONE.

Hey, you. Yeah, cute lil’ you. What you have to say is important. It is. Now. As is.

A few months ago, I was talking to a woman whose husband has bipolar disorder. She has written BEAUTY that could HELP other people. She told me she wanted to publish a blog. And was scared.

I get that. I was scared too. Sometimes I am still scared. It’s just…

colored-pencil-3118270_960_720Do you know how many people would BENEFIT if you shared your struggles? Do you know how many people are ON YOUR SIDE? Do you know how many people WANT TO READ what you have to say???

I do! I’ve found out. It’s awesome. Even if it was ONE PERSON, it would be worth it.

GORGEOUS!!! Write a blog. Speak your opinion. Offer your thoughts. They don’t have to be perfect. They don’t have to be ready. They don’t have to be a Pulitzer. NO ONE HAS TO READ IT.

You know what the best part has been about my blog? I go back and read what I’ve read. Sometimes, when I’m blue, I read my ideas and say holy shit I wrote that. I get emails and text messages and calls and affirmations and comments in person and I have found out that there are a tribe of people who love me and READ MY BLOG. THIS FREE BLOG. THIS NO ONE HAS TO READ THIS BLOG.

sign-2639397_960_720I get to read my  own LOVING WORDS. I get to see my LIFE ON A PAGE. It helps me so much.

So many self-help books and articles will suggest that you journal and blog. And yet, people are scared. And yet, want to know why it feels so good?

Healing and connecting and mental health improves when you REDUCE CONSUMING what other people put out and START CREATING. Yeah, YOU. CREATE. Create your own blog. Fine tune your own ideas and jokes. Publish that shit. IT’S FREE. Or, create something else. Music. Art. Dance. A healthy body. A trained dog. A signature handshake. Whatevs. That’s cool too.

Reader! Gorgeous reader!!! Sending you so many kisses and hugs.

111!!! A new beginning for me and you. Know who loves you so much?

It’s me. XOX

Know who wants to read your blog?

Me neither. Maybe you should write one. Or 111.



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