5 Favorite Free Meditations


Trying to drink less wine? Trying to relax a little more before bed? Trying to chill out before a big day at work?

Try meditating.

Meditation is not weird. It’s not religious. It’s not Buddhism. It’s not difficult.

Meditation is the silent, nonjudgmental awareness of your own thoughts.

Meditation will change your life.

Every day, I meditate for 15-20 minutes. I started with 10 minutes. You could start with 5 minutes, like a quiet, technology free drive to the grocery store. Here are five of my favorite free meditations. They are from the Insight Timer, the best free app ever. I also recommend the free 10 minute, 10 day sequence on Headspace. I also recommend leaving your phone at home and silently walking around your neighborhood.

Happy Meditating! Let me know if you like one of these five beauties:


Insight Timer App

#1: The Timer on Insight Timer

This is an awesome meditation tool! You can personalize and change the time and settings. I love the raindrops. I love the Basu. I enjoy the little bells. Ahhhhhhh.


Insight Timer App

#2: Stillness by Riley Yee

I think this is some kind of wooden flute. Whatever. Judge me. Look at Riley’s picture! He’s a tough guy who is cool with the flute. That makes me happy. This one really chills me out.


Insight Timer App

#3: Heart Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowls

Have you heard the singing bowls? No? You’re going to love me now. They are magical sounds that feel so good. There are several of these meditations, I like the heart opening one, because I often get scared and try to close my heart. This reminds me to breathe deeply and soften up a little more.


Insight Timer App

#4: Theta Mare 20 – Binaural Music

Theta brainwave state is where you can create neural pathways with more ease. Brain wave states are fascinating. If you slow down your brain waves, it’s easier to rewire your brain. OMG. Freaking cool. Theta waves are in all kinds of music. Start Googling it! You’re going to be so intrigued. Then, listen to this meditation. It’s electronic and trancey and supercool.


Insight Timer App

#5: Stop Worry & Stress Guided Meditation

This one is the only guided meditation I use regularly. I speak and hear a lot of words in my job. However, if I’m stressed, this Moriam lady really helps me. She is direct and no nonsense and that puts me at ease. My favorite line is: “It’s likely you knew what to do all along.” This one is as good as a glass of wine for chilling you out. I’m not kidding. Try it.

Beautiful, relaxed, chilled-out reader: Have fun with your meditation practice. Try new meditations. Try walking meditations. Try driving meditations. Try shower meditations. Try meditating in the bathtub!

Meditating is one of my most important daily practices. I hope you enjoy some of these meditations. I hope you continue to do what feels good to you.

After all, you’ve never needed me. You’ve known what to do all along.

Loving you out there! Take a meditation break today!

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