VIP, Baby, You and Me


Last year, for a birthday party, my friends and I were planning a trip and booking a hotel. We laughed and joked about how it was super important to call up that hotel and tell them that we were VIPs. We wanted the VIP rooms. The VIP treatment.

Because we’re VIPs. And so are you.

VIP, baby, you and me.

And yeah, haters, we can all be VIP. Most people just don’t believe it’s possible.

You may need a little practice believing in your VIP status. Not to worry! Repeat after me:

The VIP Credo:

I rest and take time to relax

I drink fresh running water

vip-1658921_960_720I eat fresh food

I move my body and get fresh air

I spend time with people who appreciate me

I say no to people and events that don’t feel good to me

I am kind to myself and everyone else

I let everyone off the hook and forgive them all

I forgive myself

I allow myself lots of time and space

I appreciate how far I’ve come

I dance and sing and laugh and have so much fun

I expect other people to treat me really, really well because

I treat myself really, really well and show them how it’s done.

Hey boo, are you playing small? That’s ok. It happens sometimes. It’s just that you are so very VIP. So very important. You are the most important person in your life. Believe it. Act like it.

Gorgeous, important, one-of-a-kind reader: Give yourself time and attention. Expect nothing but the best. Start rolling with a VIP crew of family and friends.

Yes, you can. Yes, it’s possible. Yes, you’re worth it. Oh hey! Did you already know that? PERFECT.

VIP, baby! You and me.






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