Love Others Without Caring What They Think


A reporter once snuck into an event with former president George W. Bush. He waited in line to shake his hand, and then, when he got a chance, he said to W, “I don’t really like what you’re doing and you should be ashamed of yourself.”

George W. Bush smiled at him and said, “I don’t care what you think.”

The progressive reporter was horrified and wrote an opinion piece about what was wrong with America – people not caring about each other.

Umm… really? You know what? I was not a fan of W, but when I read this piece, I thought, Seriously? You sneak in somewhere and ambush someone and shame them in public and you want to be understood? You want to be respected? You want him to care?

You know how much I like disrespectful people who try to shame me?

Not much. And I certainly don’t care what they think.

owl-3321411_960_720There are so many incredible, intelligent, thoughtful, and compassionate people in my life. I love to listen to them, to their stories, to their ideas, to their visions. If they have wisdom to share with me, I’m all ears. I have a millennial mentor who is significantly younger than me, and I can’t wait to hear his opinion about things.

Why? Because he is kind. He is sunshine. He is magnetic and successful. He is intelligent and thoughtful and direct. He doesn’t hide behind other people or gang up on them. He directly tells people what he thinks. He wants to make interesting changes. He is way ahead of his time and his peers because of his incredible attitude.

Listen, toots. Everyone has an opinion. If you listened to everyone’s opinions, you’d be pulled in every direction, exhausted, confused, and you’d lose your ever loving mind!!!

Let the most important opinion in your life be your own. How do YOU think you’re doing? Do YOU like that person? Do YOU want to do that?

malinois-3331687_960_720Listen to YOU. Care what you think. Be mindful. Quiet the noise. 

Then, if you want to, listen to others. But definitely not everyone.

Listen to the people you admire. Listen to the people you respect. Listen to the people who light you up and inspire you. Listen to playful older people and wise young people. Listen to people who love you so much. Listen to people whose agenda is your happiness and your success and your best interests. Listen to people who want you to live your best life.

Please don’t care what everybody thinks. And if you can’t find it in your heart to care about someone, they aren’t listening to you either.

Good news! Leave them alone. As my grandmother would say, “Save your breath.” Save your breath for those who appreciate it.

Hey boo, YOU care about YOU and your opinions. Want to know whose voice is the most joyful, the one people will flock to hear?

You being the kindest, most compassionate, most loving, most engaging, most inspirational, most successful version of you. You speaking your affirmative truth.

Loving you out there. Give so much care to the way you think and speak. Your mindful and compassionate speech are the most important words you will ever say – to yourself and others.

Care what you think. Listen to YOU.

Then, be the loving voice others will benefit from hearing.


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