Be a Learning Loser


Do you ever wish that you could go back in the past and do something different and say something different and be a different version of you?

You can’t. And all that mental energy you are expending trying to wish the past were different will drain the life right out of you.

Did you lose? Did you fail? Did you make a mistake?

We all do. And you’re welcome to throw a hissy fit. My friends and my favorite hissy fit partners Merlot, PBR, Ben, and Jerry have all seen me throw massive, epic hissy fits. It doesn’t feel good to lose. I get it. I also know that I can blame everybody else for what went wrong, or I can be a learning loser.

We all like to win. America loves a winner.

I love a winner too. And yet to me, winners aren’t the people who always win, they are the people who always learn. Winners may discuss their problems, but then they put their energy and heart into the solutions. Winners believe the future is bright. Winners believe that we all can do amazing things. Winners believe they will find a better way. Winners believe that love is powerful and can produce miracles.

tea-time-3240766_960_720Winners take bad situations and learn as much as they possibly can.

Be a learning loser. Upset with your current situation? Learn a better way.

If you are a healthy, capable adult with an internet connection, you can get started today.

Read an article. Read a book. Listen to a podcast. Watch an instructional video on YouTube. Talk to people who have what you want. Ask your friends for help. Take responsibility for how you speak and behave. Take responsibility for your failures. Offer yourself time, compassion, and healing. Take all the time you need to grieve your failures and losses.

When you are ready, you can always learn a better way.

Gorgeous loser reader: We all lose. We all fail. We all don’t get everything we want. You can feel sorry for yourself and blame other people for your circumstances, or you can take responsibility for yourself and learn. You can get better. You can improve. You can trust and believe in a better future version of yourself that has already won.

Loving you out there. Be a learning loser. That way, you always win. XO


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