What Would Love Do? What Would Peace Say?


Sometimes, when people ask me about two jobs – Which should I take? I ask, “What decision feels most like love?” I remember asking my friend Nick this question, and he almost did a full eye roll at me, and then he smiled when he found the answer in his mind.

What would love do?

What is the most loving choice you can make?

This past weekend, I met a teacher who talked about animal messengers. Not spirit animals – which I love discussing – but animal messengers. He said that animals are coming into our lives to give us messages.

Are you listening to animal messages? Are you doing a full eye roll at me yet?

I told this guy that a pair of doves like to sit on the telephone wires out in my backyard and coo. Whenever I sit outside to slow down and meditate or drink a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, there they are, sitting there, cooing.

meditate-1851165_960_720-2Coo coo coo.

Chill out. Slow down. Listen. Relax. It’s going to be ok. You’re ok.

And then the guy reminded me, “You know, the dove is the symbol for peace.”


Peace. What would peace say? It would say You’re ok. It would say Relax. It would say Open your heart, it’s full of love and it’s safe to love. You are loved. You are safe. Take your love to the world without expecting anything in return. Go in peace.

I needed that message. Do you?

Beautiful, gorgeous reader: What decision would you make from a place of love? What would peace say to you?

Loving you out there. Coo coo coo. Have the most loving, peace filled weekend.


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