Today was a Good Day Full of Good People Doing Good Things


This morning, my friend was in her car across an intersection from me. She turned, I turned, and I ended up stopped at a red light behind her. Then it was furious waving and heart hands and jazz hands, and then she jumped out of her car, ran back to mine, and hugged me through the window.

Wow. A hug through the window on the way to work! I needed it. It was delivered with a huge smile and warm love.

My friend is an athletic trainer and yoga instructor who helps people for a living, she is also in grad school to design curriculum for schools. In her free time, she volunteers to help kids ski and help women overcome their fears of mountain biking .

In short, my friend is a good person who has many achievements. Yet the achievements don’t make her a better person than anyone else. They are just expressions of who she is and what she loves to do. I have had family members in jail who are good people who made mistakes. They should be held accountable for their mistakes, as should we all. And yet, they are not bad people. They made mistakes from disconnected places of pain.

Good people make mistakes. That includes 100% of us. And still, we are all worthy of forgiveness and love.

Life is full of good people doing good things. It is teeming with good people doing good things. Everywhere I look there are good people doing good things. I work at a university where researchers and students and staff are working tirelessly to do good research and help more people and solve any problem you could possibly identify.

Good people and good deeds and good solutions are not on the news in fair representation. Drama trumps all the good happening in the world.

clouds-3030063_960_720Good people doing good things are the norm.

Here is the most important news story of EVERY DAY: Today was a good day full of good people doing good things.

What is your reality? What is your truth? It’s what you choose to think and believe.

I have never met a bad baby. Most people would agree. I have also never met a bad person, because I don’t choose to believe people are bad. I choose to believe that people are sick or have been hurt and are crying out as adults in the human desire for attention, understanding, love, and help.

Social media and television are not reality. They are entertainment mediums made up of stories. Stories are not all true.

What do you consume and believe? Is it true? Really?

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful reader: Every day of your life is a new opportunity to have a good day with good people and do good things. Every day of your life is a new opportunity to make the choice to love others and be compassionate and supportive. Every day of your life is a chance to see what might come through your front window if you allow people to hug you and connect with you.

No matter what their past, no matter what they have said or done, no matter how unworthy you think people are, there is a deeper truth underneath. We are all good people. We are all worthy of forgiveness and healing and love.

Start by giving those things to yourself. Watch your life change from good to great.

Loving you out there. Keep up the good work. XO


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