Keep Sharing Your Stories


My Lyft driver had a book in the back seat pocket called “Rich Dad.” I chuckled a little -ha ha ha- feeling judgey about such a corny book.

“Rich Dad, huh?” I teased.

He laughed and then told me, in a thick French accent, about his desire to make money to pay for school. To build his business. To empower others, including African immigrants like him. To share wealth.

He said, “I like the guy who wrote that book, because he could have just kept it to himself. He made money, he figured out something, and he could have kept it to himself. But he didn’t. He shared his story and offers other people help, and I admire people like that.”

writing-923882_960_720-2Wow. Mic drop right there.

It’s easy not to share. It’s vulnerable to share. All those questions!!!

Who am I?

Why should people listen to me?

What do I know? 

And yet, we know things.

You can keep those things to yourself. The way you survive. The strategies that help you. The path you take out of times of darkness. The funny shit that uplifts you. The way you save your own life.

You can keep those things to yourself. I do it often. And then I find myself spilling out stories to my students. I write corny Facebook posts. I sit down eyeballs to eyeballs with friends and we crack each other up and share our struggles.

Beautiful reader with a story: I’m loving you out there. Your stories can uplift. They can inspire. They can make people laugh who really need a laugh. Your stories can help someone.

Even if it’s just one person.

Tell the story.

Keep sharing. XO


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