Sadness And Fear Are Totally Normal. There. I Just Saved You a Lot of Money.

How do you react when you feel sad? What do you do when you feel fear?

Sadness and fear are two emotions that all people feel. Both are normal. 

There is not one person alive on this planet that has not felt sad.

Every human being alive has felt fear.

We also have these great things in our culture called businesses. They are made up of people – people who study how we behave.

Here’s what unethical businesses do: They convince you that normal emotions are not normal. Your anger is a problem. Your sadness is bad. Your fear is weak.

Any business can take your sadness and profit off of it.

1) They’ll tell you it’s not normal to feel sad.

2) They’ll sell you things to make your sadness go away (only if they’ve convinced you #1 that it’s not normal).

Are you sad? THAT’S NOT NORMAL! Quick! Eat something. Drink something. Take this pill. Take this trip. Buy these clothes online. Watch more Netflix.

You are welcome to argue against business and get really mad and try to control everyone and everything around you and shout “Don’t do that!” or you can use this simple tool:

Question the messages that you consume. Learn that all of your emotions are TOTALLY NORMAL and no emotion is abnormal or wrong or weak.

Are you sad? That’s ok. It’s normal. It’s human.

Marketers convince you that your sadness might overtake you and last forever. This is never true. Emotions come and go. They wax and wane. They ebb and flow. They move like the ocean. They come in waves and tides. 

Stop. Breathe. Listen. Inquire. If you need help, reach out.

If you are overwhelmed by emotion, you don’t need to isolate yourself and think you’re not normal. This is never true.

You are human. You are normal. Emotions are normal. What is normal anyway? Who decided what’s normal? 

It’s totally normal and human to be sad. To be afraid. To get angry. 

It’s totally normal to need help.

Big business has little power over you when you educate yourself about its practices. When you opt out. When you log out of Instagram and Facebook and log into your own body and mind. When you unplug from consuming and plug into your human community.

Hey human, normal, emotional reader:How do you react when you get sad? I hope you tell yourself that’s normal. I hope you allow yourself to be sad. I hope you soothe yourself and reach out to your community.

What do you do when you feel fear? I hope you tell yourself that’s normal. I hope you allow yourself to feel afraid. I hope you soothe yourself and reach out to your community.

You don’t need booze. You don’t need ice cream and Doritos. You don’t need Netflix. All of those things are fun, and none of those things will “fix” your sadness. Why?

Because your sadness is not a problem to be fixed. It is an emotion that wants to be felt. And allowed. And healed by your tender attention and self-soothing and connection to community.

Loving you out there. You’re totally normal. I decided. Because I get to. And so do you. XO

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