Give it the Green Light

When traffic lights turn yellow, I get weird. Aaaaahhhhhh stop or go? Sometimes I hesitate. Sometimes I make risky decisions.

Green means go. Red means stop. Yellow is caution.

At the end of her job interview, my friend told her future employer that she wanted the job. She said that, if offered the job, she would take it. She wanted it. 

She gave them the green light. They immediately hired her.

Are you hesitating in your life? Where? About what? How does that feel?

Chances are, your hesitation and doubt feel pretty crappy

Here’s an idea: Give it the green light and go.

Or stop.

If something is not a hell yes, it’s probably a no. Because really, when you know, you know. And you go.

My friend is now killing it at her new job. Promoted in less than six months. Flies all over the country to conferences representing her organization. 

She’s psyched. She knew she would be. She made a decision. Decided. Committed.

Green light.


Hey, beautiful, waffling reader: You know that thing you want to do? You know how it just feels right? It feels good? It feels exciting? Make a decision to do it. Give it the green light. If you’re not sure, then stop. Let it go for now. Go in the direction of the other green lights. 

Loving you out there. Stay away from the flickering yellows.

Everybody loves a little green light. Let’s go. XO

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