Love Flows Where Interest Goes

Women often fall into the trap of thinking we should be younger, prettier, and skinnier in order to be loved. There’s a multi-billion dollar industry out there throwing every marketing trick in the book at us in order to scare us into thinking that men are only interested in beautiful supermodel women. I am so tired of that shit.

Men, and anyone else, are really only interested in one thing: Being interesting, and having someone show interest.

That’s right. Think of all the people you love right now. Think about how INTERESTED you are in them. How you find them funny. Silly. Fascinating. How they are doing things that interest you. How they tell interesting stories. How they ask you about yourself and are interested in you.

Love lies in your interest.

We are interested in interesting people. And when people are interested in us, we love them.

Who do you find interesting? Chances are, you love them.

Who is interested in you? Chances are, you love them.

How do you fall in love? Be endlessly, timelessly, interested in someone. Think about them. Their dreams. What they are doing. Who they are with. What they might say. 

Are you interested in someone? Show your interest. Make it known.

So often, we get caught up in trying to impress people. I know I do. I want people to think I’m interesting. And yet, I can’t force that. I can’t count on that. I can’t make people think that I am interesting.

Here’s what I can do: Be interesting AND be interested in them. Be curious about them. Fall in love with them. 

Love flows where interest goes. We don’t love beautiful people. We love interesting ones. Ones who we can’t stop thinking about. Ones who ask us questions and want to know more about us. None of this has anything to do with being skinny or having six pack abs.

Beautiful, curious reader: Do you love someone? It’s because they are interesting. Does someone love you? It’s because they are interested in you. Do you want people to know you love them? Show your interest. 

Beautiful people aren’t the ones we immediately love. Our love flows where our interest goes. 

Want more love? Show more interest.

Loving you out there. You fascinate me. Tell me more. XO

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