Stop Asking if There’s Something Wrong With You Because Everything is Just Right.

  • Why am I so ambitious? 
  • Why am I always chasing dreams?
  • Why can’t I be more like other people?
  • Why don’t I want to do the “normal” thing?
  • What am I doing? Is it ok?

These questions exhaust my active brain. They are sneaky little soul stealing inquiries all designed to come to a terrible conclusion:

… Because there’s something wrong with you.

Without realizing it, for my whole life, I have been asking myself versions of these questions and bumping up against that terrifying conclusion:

… There’s something wrong with you.

Over and over, I have believed that there is something wrong with me. I don’t want what I’m supposed to want. I don’t live like other people live. I’m not doing life right.

… Because there’s something wrong with me.

Sometimes it’s just so alluring and easy to believe the voice that says something is wrong. It can be authoritative and mean. Commanding. Chilling. Intimidating.

Until you gently inquire: “Who are you? Why is something wrong?”

Until you gently ask: “Why does it feel so bad when I think something is wrong?”

Until you wake up one day and wonder: “Who gets to decide what I do with my life?”

Until you question the voice and say: “What if NOTHING is wrong?”

HEY, VOICE: What if nothing is wrong with me? What if nothing is wrong with you? What if everything is right? What if you are the way you are because that’s you? What if you pursue what you pursue because your heart leads you there? What if language could never explain your heart? What if other people’s standards had nothing to do with you? What if their opinions were totally unimportant? What if, right now, you are doing exactly the right thing at the right time for the right purpose? 

What if the wisdom of your mind, body, and heart were sure? What if you could trust yourself completely?

Dear questioning, worrying reader: I’m tired of questioning myself. I’m exhausted by thinking things are wrong with me. Are you?

Good. Let’s practice trust in our journey. Let’s practice believing that everything has been, and will always be, just right. Loving you out there. XO

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