Why Lose Weight? Why Quit Drinking? Why Workout? Why Go Back to School? Why? Why? Why?

Heeeeey gorgeous people! WHAT’S UP dudes? I’m having a little party all up in my house, post-run, pre-breakfast, admiring my happy and very tired dog. And since I just did a workout, I’m going to put you through one.

Ready for some coaching? Good. Take out your notebook and a pencil. We are delving into the seven layers of why today.

First! Decide something you want from your life: Weight loss? Less drinking? More exercise? A new job? Better relationship?

Awesome. Write that on the top. I want to lose weight. Great start, my friend.

Now, here we go. You are going to ask yourself why 7 times. However, there is a catch! The whys are going to build on each other.

Here’s an example of mine:

I want to drink less to cope with my emotions.

Why? Because I want to be mentally stronger.

Why? Because mental strength is an important value to me.

Why? Because I’m a role model for younger people and I want to show them how to be strong.

Why? Because it will change their lives.

Why do you care about that? Because I care so much about helping people.

Why? Because I have struggled so much. I know how it feels and I want to be a helpful resource for those who suffer. I want to be a kind and compassionate guide.

Why? Because it would offer them relief and also make me so proud. 


There you have it! 7 layers of why drinking less or not at all is important to me. 

Sweetheart reader! You may now be asking yourself, “Why is it important to do all these stupid layers of why???”

Ah, great question. The answer is that, when you get to the seventh layer, you will start to uncover some pretty amazing motivation for accomplishing your goal. And when your resolve falters, you can return to the real reason you are doing what you do.

You’re not going to lose weight by shaming, restricting, and hating yourself. You’re not going to stop drinking because you tell yourself you’re an idiot who has no self-control. Negative thoughts and negative emotions never lead to positive results.

Want to get a positive result? Start thinking positive thoughts and feeling positive emotions that rocket fuel you to success.

Hey, boo! What do you want from your life? Cool. Now tell me why. 7 times. 

Awesome workout today. Time to recover. I’m headed for a scramble and some toast. See you next week.

Loving you out there. You know why. XO

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