Irritated, Frustrated, Angry You is Still 100% Lovable

You mad, bro?


Know what? That irritation and frustration is showing up to be loved.

Your anger is showing up to be loved.

Your sadness is showing up to be loved.

Your feelings don’t need to be ignored or numbed away.

Imagine a kid running up to you crying, “I feel so embarrassed.” Would you ignore him? Punish her? Tell that kid to go away? There’s another choice.

Instead, you could open your arms and say, “Come here, love.”

Hold the child.

Soothe them.

Tell them to breathe.

Tell them it’s ok.

Tell them that you love them no matter what.

Ask them what happened and what you can learn.

You may need your own attention this week. That’s what feelings are for.

No matter what comes up for you, it is always coming up to be loved.

And understood.

And healed.

Gorgeous, brave, human, emotional reader: All of your emotions are 100% lovable. They are there to get your attention. To be understood. To guide you and teach you.

Feeling negative emotion? That’s 100% lovable.

Turn towards yourself. Soothe yourself. Listen to what you need. Our emotions are not problems to be solved. They are beautiful information arising for you to get curious about. They are showing up for you to learn, for you to understand, for you to love, for you to grow.

Loving you out there! XO

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