In 2020, Resolve to Read

Hello, gorgeous reader! What are you doing out there today?

I was reading. And enjoying it. And then I thought:

Reading would be a great resolution. Resolve to read!

And so I am here telling you about that.

Successful people read. Rich people read. Highly effective people “sharpen the saw,” which means they continue to learn.

How do you learn? I read. And listen to audiobooks. And devour podcasts.

What are you reading lately?

My mom and I had a really interesting conversation about “The Girl on the Train,” a novel by Paula Hawkins. It was one of the books I read this year.

My mom hated the book, couldn’t get through it. She gave it up.

I wanted to give it up. It scared me and haunted me. And yet, I couldn’t put it down. It challenged my thoughts about novels and protagonists. It surprised me. I learned the technique of the “unreliable narrator.”

UNRELIABLE NARRATORS! So fascinating. The concept delights my brain. It expands my imagination. It makes me so intrigued by Paula Hawkins and her ability to play with the reader and toy with our ideas of truth and trust and reliability.

Ooh! So good. What a good book.

No advertisements. No pop up ads. No notifications buzzing while I read. Nothing but the deep delight of focusing my brain and expanding my imagination and building my empathy.

Rich people read. Successful people read. Emotionally intelligent people read. Highly successful people read. Reading is super fun.

What are you waiting for? It’s the best new year’s resolution ever. Forget your body and your weight and your insecurities.

Beautiful, adorable, interested reader: Keep engaging and expanding your mind. In 2020, resolve to read.

Loving you out there. Now back to my book… XO

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