It’s Possible You Can. It’s Possible You Will. It’s Possible. So Many Things Are Possible.

Gorgeous! Gotta tell you: Your brain, unsupervised, wants to worry. Your brain, without a planned activity, wants to default negative. Some teachers and researchers call this the “negativity bias,” and argue that most of our 70,000 thoughts a day will skew negative as the “default mode network.”

So… This means that if you worry and stress, you are normal.

If you want your brain to think positive, it needs supervision and training.

You are 100% capable of supervising and training your brain. There are so many wonderful tools available. Mindfulness will change your life.

Lately, I’ve been geeking out on Kyle Cease.

You can hear Kyle speak on Lewis Howes’ podcast and you should read his book “I Hope I Screw This Up.” He is a comedian that investigates spirituality and personal development. So fun and INTERESTING. I’m so into him. I do what he says instead of just listening to him. He persuades me to take action.

Kyle convinced me to meditate for an hour a day. I’ve been doing it since December 1st, 2019, and the results are off the charts. Try it!!!

His latest challenge has been to make possibility lists. This practice needs to go in all leader toolkits. Please start doing it every day. I have been doing 10 minutes a day and I’m thinking I need to up the time commitment.

Here’s the deal. Sit without distraction and set your phone timer for 10 minutes. Then, start listing your possibilities out loud. Your positive possibilities. Your dreams come true.

Do not censor. Do not stop. I often start crying during the process but I do not stop. Keep going with what could be possible for you. I have spoken some wild things aloud to myself.

I have surprised myself.

I have delighted myself.

I have started believing that my possibilities are endless and will come true.

I can feel, when I say things out loud, if I doubt the possibility (fear) and if I believe the possibility (knowing).

Maybe you are like me. Despite the degrees and the training, I still worry a lot when my mind is unsupervised. Now, I have a new activity for my busy brain. I think in possibilities. I redirect to what is possible.

It’s possible that it will work out.

It’s possible they will love my class.

It’s possible that everyone wants to sleep with me.

Ha ha! I said that to my friend the other day and we had a good time believing that could be true.

Maybe that’s too creepy for you… but is it possible that everyone wants to work with you? To tell you good jokes? To come to your event?

Yes! It’s possible! It’s possible people want to pay you a lot of money too.

What is possible for you? Start cooking it up. Saying it aloud. Staying with your emotion as it comes and goes. Looking at it all. Being curious.

Gorgeous, worrying, normal brained reader: This is our one, precious life. What is possible for you? This week, be mindful. Train your busy brain to start thinking POSSIBILITY.

Loving you out there. It’s possible you love me too. It’s possible that, together, our love will heal the world. XO

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