Turning Judgement Against Yourself is Poison

We all judge other people. Our thoughts are judgements. Observe them with scientific interest.

Do you sometimes catch yourself judging someone and then getting mad at yourself for judging? If so, you turned the judgment of other into judgement of self.

That will be very painful.

And, you will miss the lesson.

Your judgment is a personal, important, compassionate preference. It’s telling you what’s important to you. What feels good to you. It’s giving you sacred soul information: I don’t like that- this is what I prefer.

“Oh, I can’t stand how uptight she is. I wish she would loosen up.”

Choice 1: ugh. I’m such a bitch. I can’t believe I am such a horrible judgy person. I am ashamed of myself.

Choice 2: interesting. You have strong feelings about that woman, babe. It’s ok. I love you fiercely. Now, tell me what you prefer. More fun? More relaxation? What can we do? Could our life be more fun? Yay! Let’s do that. I love you.

Turning judgement of others (which is inevitable and human) into judgement of self is poison.

Turning judgment of others into self compassion and curiosity is fire. It fuels what’s important to you and leads you courageously to the choices you prefer.

You are 100% loveable. And, I don’t prefer a lot of what you prefer. That’s diversity, difference, and choice.

Judge me! It tells me what you prefer.

Meanwhile, I have compassion and love for my messy human self no matter what. I honor my preferences. I get to work being the best I can be. (Less uptight LOL).

Living this way is so much more fun.

Gorgeous, beautiful reader: It’s ok to judge. Use that info to love yourself and become who you’d prefer to be.

Loving you out there XO

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