I Love The Way I Love Hummingbirds

Zoom flash the hummingbird appears outside my window. Darting in and around the tree. Resting on a twig. Dipping in and out of a flower. Wings vibrating beyond my ability to know. It’s just… wow.

When I see hummingbirds outside my window, I pause and put everything aside. I delight: the tiny little feet, the soft belly, the unpredictable flight pattern, the needly nose.

In me, it feels like there’s nothing more important to do than try to take it all in. I can never take it all in.

And then, they go away. Where? I don’t know. With who? I don’t know. Will they come back? I don’t know. Should I get in touch with them about their schedule? I don’t know how to do that. And I don’t care if I ever get the answers to any of those questions.

When they come, I delight. When they go, there is a world outside my window. When they return, my whole body hums in approval of everything they do.

I love the way I love hummingbirds.

It feels important.

And free.

Loving you out there. What’s outside your window for you to love? XO

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