Indecision is a Decision

Talked to an ex-marine recently who told me that indecision is a decision. It is a decision to do nothing.

If you don’t make new decisions, you will keep doing the same thing. Is that good news? Nice! Enjoy. We have a lot of great habits formed at this point in our life. Give yourself credit for all the many good choices you make each day.

If something isn’t working, decide to change. Decide to do something different next time. That’s it. Easy.

Every day, make decisions. Do it mindfully. Do it curiously. Do it like your life is one big beautiful experiment that never ends.

Blue decided to swim in freezing alpine water. I decided to stay dry. Both great decisions. We both decided to enjoy the yellow leaves of Fall. Not getting outside would have been the wrong choice for us.

Beautiful, courageous reader: You are free from indecision. It doesn’t exist.

You are always deciding.


Get so interested.

Enjoy this moment.

Loving you out there! XO

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