When The Nail Doesn’t Hurt Enough Yet

My friend recently shared a story about a man whose dog was howling and crying and his neighbor asked him what was going on:

“The dog is sitting on a nail.”

“Well, why doesn’t he get off the nail?”

“Doesn’t hurt enough yet.”


Doesn’t hurt enough… yet.

So where in your life are you sitting on a nail? Or maybe a tack? Is there a pea in your bed, princess? Can you feel it? Maybe it’s not bad enough… yet?

When I work with my life coach, a theme continues to come up in my life. It sounds like this: “I have a good life. I have enough. Yeah, I want more, but I can’t complain. My life is good.”

In other words, my life doesn’t hurt.

There’s just a dull ache sometimes.

I sit on it.

It’s unpleasant yet tolerable.

It doesn’t hurt enough… yet.

We get what we tolerate. We rise or lower to our own expectations. We suffer as much as we think we deserve to suffer because it’s not that bad… yet.

It’s not horrible… yet.

It doesn’t hurt that bad… yet.

Here’s a way out: It doesn’t have to hurt at all for you to make a different decision. It doesn’t have to get bad before you change.

You can just want to get off a nail. Want to try something different. Want to move on from that old car, career, town, income bracket, relationship.

You can want more just because you want it. Because it would be fun. Because it would cause you to grow and expand. Because it would be different. Because it would be a change in perspective. Because you can. Because this is your one precious life and you get to do anything you want to do.

Are you feeling limited? Like you have to sit on the nail?

You don’t. You can get up anytime. You can listen to the softest whisper of your soul. You don’t have to wait until things get bad for your life to change for the good.

Loving you out there. Are you sitting on a nail? See the choice. XO

PS: Powerful local ladies! Check out my VIP event this Friday, October 23rd from 4-7pm at the Red Butte Garden Orangerie. It’s going to be a mystical magical evening for the ladies. Very intimate and COVID safe. We’re talking self-care and intuition and Cheryl Forester of Forester Tarot will be making some predictions for the Halloween Full Moon. Join us! Limited space!

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