Go To The Worst Case Scenario. Now What?

A very interesting thing about living during a pandemic is that a lot of people are fearing worst case scenarios… and then not wanting to look at the scenario they created.

Let’s say you think, “I could die.”

Yes. You could. Every day.

But your brain takes over…

No, I can’t think about that. I can’t handle that. It’s too much for me right now. Give me the wine. Give me the popcorn. Turn on Netflix STAT.

Why don’t you want to look at the fact that you could die?

Then what?

You’d be dead. And you wouldn’t be thinking much anymore. You’d be vanished or wherever you think you’re going after you die. You’d be there. Without the worry of death.

Yeah, you say, but what about my family? They could die!

Yes. They could die too.

And then what?

You’d grieve. You’d probably cry a lot. You’d likely have funerals and have to take care of assets and belongings and maybe confront frustration and some struggles and possibly expenses and…

At a certain point, you’d move on with your life. Without someone.

Would that be horrible? Yes.

Will you survive? Yes.

Now what?

The next time you are afraid of the worst happening, join me in playing that scene all the way out. People die. Everyone hates you. You’re rejected by everyone in your life. You’re broke. You’re homeless. You’re mentally broken down. Play it all the way to the dramatic climax of what you fear most. And then look at the scene.

Now what?

Chances are, you’d figure it out. Or get help. Which is what all of us are doing already.

Loving you out there. Amp the drama all the way up. Or… choose to calm it down. It’s up to you.

No matter what, you will be ok, right? Or am I wrong? Play it all the way out.

Now what? XO

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