Sadness And Fear Are Totally Normal. There. I Just Saved You a Lot of Money.

How do you react when you feel sad? What do you do when you feel fear?

Sadness and fear are two emotions that all people feel. Both are normal. 

There is not one person alive on this planet that has not felt sad.

Every human being alive has felt fear.

We also have these great things in our culture called businesses. They are made up of people – people who study how we behave.

Here’s what unethical businesses do: They convince you that normal emotions are not normal. Your anger is a problem. Your sadness is bad. Your fear is weak.

Any business can take your sadness and profit off of it.

1) They’ll tell you it’s not normal to feel sad.

2) They’ll sell you things to make your sadness go away (only if they’ve convinced you #1 that it’s not normal).

Are you sad? THAT’S NOT NORMAL! Quick! Eat something. Drink something. Take this pill. Take this trip. Buy these clothes online. Watch more Netflix.

You are welcome to argue against business and get really mad and try to control everyone and everything around you and shout “Don’t do that!” or you can use this simple tool:

Question the messages that you consume. Learn that all of your emotions are TOTALLY NORMAL and no emotion is abnormal or wrong or weak.

Are you sad? That’s ok. It’s normal. It’s human.

Marketers convince you that your sadness might overtake you and last forever. This is never true. Emotions come and go. They wax and wane. They ebb and flow. They move like the ocean. They come in waves and tides. 

Stop. Breathe. Listen. Inquire. If you need help, reach out.

If you are overwhelmed by emotion, you don’t need to isolate yourself and think you’re not normal. This is never true.

You are human. You are normal. Emotions are normal. What is normal anyway? Who decided what’s normal? 

It’s totally normal and human to be sad. To be afraid. To get angry. 

It’s totally normal to need help.

Big business has little power over you when you educate yourself about its practices. When you opt out. When you log out of Instagram and Facebook and log into your own body and mind. When you unplug from consuming and plug into your human community.

Hey human, normal, emotional reader:How do you react when you get sad? I hope you tell yourself that’s normal. I hope you allow yourself to be sad. I hope you soothe yourself and reach out to your community.

What do you do when you feel fear? I hope you tell yourself that’s normal. I hope you allow yourself to feel afraid. I hope you soothe yourself and reach out to your community.

You don’t need booze. You don’t need ice cream and Doritos. You don’t need Netflix. All of those things are fun, and none of those things will “fix” your sadness. Why?

Because your sadness is not a problem to be fixed. It is an emotion that wants to be felt. And allowed. And healed by your tender attention and self-soothing and connection to community.

Loving you out there. You’re totally normal. I decided. Because I get to. And so do you. XO


That’s What You’re Supposed To Do

My friend is still sad about a breakup. He has been dating other people in the effort to “get over it.” In a revealing moment, he said:

“I mean, that’s what you’re supposed to do, right?”

I did not agree. I was immediately suspicious.

Who said that?

Who said you’re supposed to just “get over it”?

Who said you’re supposed to do things you don’t want to do?

Who gets to decide what you’re supposed to do?

Let’s face it. Let’s admit it. We all know the truth.

You can do anything you want. You call the shots.

It took me a long time, decades, to realize that there are no life police, and, as Elizabeth Gilbert says, there is no “Cultural Central Command.” No CCC.

Most of my life, I have lived in fear of some CCC that doesn’t exist.

No one is going to come to your door after a relationship and say, “Excuse me, I see that you haven’t been dating. We’re going to write you a ticket as a warning, but you really need to get on that soon. After all, THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO. And next time, there will be a fee. If you don’t start doing it, you will pay.”

My friend is hurting. He is covering that hurt by taking action that is causing him more confusion. He doesn’t feel good about the dates he’s had because he doesn’t really want to be on them. He is showing up sad.

I told him it’s ok to be sad. It’s ok to grieve. It’s ok to admit that he’s sad and ask for support. I told him that he gets to do whatever he wants to do with his life.

It’s his life. 

And gorgeous you out there, you know what I’m going to say next: It’s YOUR LIFE.

Don’t let anyone “should” on you. Don’t let anyone tell you what you’re SUPPOSED TO DO unless you ask for their advice. Sure! Maybe there are some things you might want to try. Maybe there are some strategies that might help you. Maybe there is some wisdom to gain from seeking advice from people who love you. 

Just remember: You are the author of your life story.

Beautiful, gorgeous, reader: You do you. Do you and create a life you feel good about. It’s a good idea to follow the laws, and yet THERE ARE NO LIFE POLICE. There is no CCC. There is no opinion more important than your own. This is your one, precious life. 

You don’t need anyone else in your life to answer this question:

What do YOU want to do? Get quiet. Listen. Honor the answer.

Loving you out there. Even if I’m not supposed to. XO

Keep Sharing Your Stories


My Lyft driver had a book in the back seat pocket called “Rich Dad.” I chuckled a little -ha ha ha- feeling judgey about such a corny book.

“Rich Dad, huh?” I teased.

He laughed and then told me, in a thick French accent, about his desire to make money to pay for school. To build his business. To empower others, including African immigrants like him. To share wealth.

He said, “I like the guy who wrote that book, because he could have just kept it to himself. He made money, he figured out something, and he could have kept it to himself. But he didn’t. He shared his story and offers other people help, and I admire people like that.”

writing-923882_960_720-2Wow. Mic drop right there.

It’s easy not to share. It’s vulnerable to share. All those questions!!!

Who am I?

Why should people listen to me?

What do I know? 

And yet, we know things.

You can keep those things to yourself. The way you survive. The strategies that help you. The path you take out of times of darkness. The funny shit that uplifts you. The way you save your own life.

You can keep those things to yourself. I do it often. And then I find myself spilling out stories to my students. I write corny Facebook posts. I sit down eyeballs to eyeballs with friends and we crack each other up and share our struggles.

Beautiful reader with a story: I’m loving you out there. Your stories can uplift. They can inspire. They can make people laugh who really need a laugh. Your stories can help someone.

Even if it’s just one person.

Tell the story.

Keep sharing. XO


Who Are You Trying To Control? Why?


The other day at a coffee shop, I was talking with my colleagues when a strange man interrupted our conversation. As we were talking about teaching, one of my favorite subjects in the world, he said:

“I think students should just do their work and stop complaining. I tell my daughter all the time to shut up and stop whining and get her work done.”

Oh boy, was I angry. Angry! Here is my thought process:

HOW DARE YOU interrupt us?

HOW DARE YOU voice such an insensitive opinion?

HOW DARE YOU treat your daughter in such an uncaring and mean way???


I huffed, “I’m glad you’re not a teacher with that attitude.”

He looked at me, unmoved.

Then I jabbed back, “I hope someone listens to your daughter.”

And then I walked off in a snit.

There. I said it. I walked away. I got away from that awful man. I had enough of him.

And then, although I was so angry at the time, my car ride home and the day following kept bringing up a very deep sadness for me. That people would think that way. That a parent would shut down their child that way. That someone would add themselves to a nice conversation I was having and have the power to aggravate me and hijack my emotions that way. I thought I was tougher than that.

And yet…

helicopter-983979_960_720I wanted to control him. I wanted to lecture him. I wanted him to shut up.

Shut up and stop whining and get your work done. That’s right. A taste of his own medicine. That’s what I wanted to tell him to do. The exact same cruel thing.

Shut up. Then I won’t have to deal with you.

Shut up. Stop. Change. Be more like I want you to be.

And then I saw it. A pattern that has surfaced over and over in my life. I wanted to be in control. I wanted another person to act the way I wanted them to act and not be as human and real and messy as they actually were.

Why do I want to control people? Why did I want to control this guy in the coffee shop? What did I want from him anyway?

heart-700141_960_720I want him to be kinder. I want him to be gentle. I want him to be loving and open hearted and willing to be wrong. I want him to make the world a better place and not a cruel place where we shut down kids and shut down other people.

At the heart of my desire to control is that awful four letter word: fear.

I am afraid I won’t get what I want if I don’t control people to get it.

I am afraid people are not kind and gentle and open hearted.

I am afraid that I am not kind and gentle and open hearted.

I am afraid that other people can affect me so deeply.

I want to be protected and safe. I want to be heard. I want to be loved.

Tell your daughter she is safe with you. Tell her she is heard. Tell her she is loved.

Hey beautiful, controlling, human reader: Who are you trying to control? Why? What do you want from them? What do you want from yourself? What do you want from the world? Are you willing to speak the truth of what you want? Are you willing to speak the truth of what you need? Are you willing to give all of that and more to yourself?

Of course, we cannot go back in time. However, if I could, here is what I would say:

“Hey, seems like you want us to validate you and hear you and respect your opinion. That might also be what your daughter wants. I know that when I’m upset, I want to know that I am safe, I am understood, and I am loved. That’s often all anyone wants.”

And then, I would leave the situation, get in my car, and say this to myself:

Hey Georgi, you are safe. Always safe with me. And you are understood. I see that upset you. That’s ok. It’s ok to be angry and sad. I hear you. I understand. And I love that you care, that you want to be kind, and that you are passionate about your students and teaching. I love that about you. You are loved. You are safe here, Georgi. No matter what. I will hear you. I won’t ever leave you. I will always love you.

And then, I would drive away, and leave that in the past. And let it be ok. And let people be who they are. And move forward in my life with an intention to be kinder next time.

Whatever has happened in your life that you are trying to control, please give yourself the safety and space to figure it out, to understand yourself, and to offer yourself love and compassion through it all.

What do you want? Do you have to control others to get it? Could you gently ask for it instead? And are you ready to offer it to yourself?

Loving you out there. XO




What is Your Pain Telling You?


When I need to make a decision, I get a pain in my left shoulder. It’s a finger pressing into the top of my back, pushing into my skin and urging me forward.

Stubbornly, I want to stand still. The finger of pain is brown black like tar and it’s sticky and persistent. It doesn’t move easily, it’s glued to my body. When I sit with it and talk to it about what it wants, it says, “Decide. Make a decision. Move forward. We are tired. You are tired. You are exhausting yourself.”

You may now be thinking that I’ve officially lost it. That’s ok.

I talk to my pain. I admit it.

Do you ever talk to your pain? Maybe you try to avoid it. Drown it in Cabernet. Dull it with Doritos. Assuage it with funny movies on Netflix. Throw a tantrum about it and refuse to believe that, after a PhD and a successful career and amazing friends that you still, to this day, have to deal with this crap.

Pain doesn’t seem fair. We do the right things. We’re good people. We try. So why do we still, after all these years, have to deal with pain?

In my emotional intelligence classes, I teach that emotions carry messages. I wonder sometimes if I listen to myself. I wonder if I’m walking my talk. Yes, I think, I have become so much better.

heartache-1846050_960_720Emotions carry messages.

Are you listening to your emotions?

Do you hear them?

Can you sit with pain?

Pain is the opposite of pleasure. Oh, pleasure, you sexy, chocolatey, instantly gratifying and delicious lover.

We, and our terrified little kid brains, want PLEASURE all the time.

Don’t want that pain stuff.

Except… if you can’t stand pain, how much pleasure can you stand? You can’t know ecstatic, heart bursting joy without an intimate understanding of pain.

When people take antidepressants, they numb pain, and also joy. They remain in a midspectrum of emotion. I’m not judging those who medicate, I’m just stating the fact: You can’t knock out your pain without losing pleasure.

So try sitting with pain. There is a long term payoff. And there is a message.

Sit and breathe. Locate the pain. Where is it? What does it feel like? Does it move? Does it have a color? A consistency? Can you soften around it at all? Could you move it from inside your body to outside your body? Can you talk to it?

When your pain talks to you, what does it say?

Georgi, please make a decision. We are hurting. Please relax about this. Please reach out for help. Please tell people that you care, that you love them. Please take that chance. Please visit that place. Please hang out with those people. Please laugh that off. Please slow down. Please say no.

What will your pain tell you? If you don’t listen, don’t worry. It will grow louder.

Courageous, successful reader: Pain is going to visit and revisit you through your whole life, even when you are killing it at work and feeling great in your body. Even when you have a wonderful lover. Even when you have paid off your mortgage.

Pain is natural, human, and carries a message. Start listening. Get curious. You may find you have something to say to yourself, and it’s really, really, good stuff.

You might also find relief. A twinkle of light. Strong arms that flow with flexibility through your yoga class. So much ease. Extended pleasure. Endless appreciation and awe. Exquisite joy.

Loving you out there. You can feel both the joy and the pain. They have something to say. Get quiet and learn. XO


Three Tips for Tough Times


This is the final week of classes at my university. Next week is final exam week. These are two of the tough weeks on a teacher or student’s calendar. And let’s face it. They’re sometimes tough weeks for anyone connected to teachers and students.

We all have tough weeks. Some are in retrospect, “Geez, that was a tough week,” but for many of us, we know when a tough week is coming. Holiday weeks are tough for a lot of people.

After 14 years of teaching, these two weeks every semester are still tough for me. And so, I have developed some tools to deal with them.

#1: Tell all friends and family that this week is different for you

I remember bursting into tears over something ridiculous a few years ago and yelling to my partner, “You have to leave me alone! You have to leave me alone! It’s finals!!!” He stood in shock and said “Of course. I understand.” And he did. Because he’d been through a few semesters and seen it. So, luckily, he cut me a lot of slack for a few weeks.

takeaway-40354_960_720I was emotional. I picked strange arguments. I was crabby. I couldn’t bring myself to cook a meal whereas throughout the rest of the year I loved to cook and eat at home.

It’s ok to have a week of all takeout where you cry inexplicably. Tell everyone it might happen. Let it be ok.

People can be so understanding when they know what’s going on. Tell the people you love this is a tough time for you. Watch the compassion flow back in your direction.

crook-1332306_960_720#2: Cancel or delegate all unnecessary obligations. Do not add anything new to your schedule.

If you’re a social person like me, you want to do fun things with friends and go to events. It’s just that, during a tough week, you might be crabby and super tempted to overeat and overdrink. You might use social events to procrastinate and avoid your tough week.

If you can, resist the temptation to start a downward spiral. I’ve gone down the party path, and I’m telling you that it makes a tough week tougher.

But you know what? Maybe you are trying to see how tough you are. In that case, go for it. Experiment. You’re not going to believe me until you try it. When you do, you’ll start to see the beauty of saying no. No, I can’t make it. I can’t do that. I’m going to give you the number of someone else who could help. I’ll see you in a week or two.

map-2527433__340#3: Love yourself fiercely through your week. Give yourself time and space. Pep talk the crap out of yourself.

Mindfulness practice really helps you to notice your thinking. Are you expecting yourself to be perfect? That’s not going to feel good. No one is perfect.

Are you expecting to be happy all the time? That’s not human or possible.

Are you mad at yourself for experiencing so much negative emotion this week? Try being compassionate. You are doing your best. You can make it. It’s all going to be ok. We all get stressed sometimes.

Are you tempted to deal with stress in an unhealthy way? You can deal with it in a healthy way. You can go to bed early. You can ask for help. You can skip a hard workout for an easy walk. You can drink a hot cup of herbal tea. You are going to make it.

Gorgeous, hardworking reader: We all have tough times. You can make it through. Alert your inner circle that you’re having a big week, eliminate or delegate all unnecessary stuff, and love the crap out of yourself through the process.

And then, repeat whenever you need the old 1-2-3.

Loving you out there. See you on the flip side of this week. I’m ordering some takeout. XO


Feeling Stressed? Consider All the Free Things


Lentils and Romanesco, charred broccolini and Marcona almonds, butternut squash and mushrooms, pork tenderloin and smoked heirloom tomatoes… the beautiful, savory dishes kept coming to our big table at Handle in Park City.



Mmm mmm mmm.

“This is so good,” I kept saying. “Wow. This is so good.”

We were a table of big gestures and big belly laughs and big love. It was a big beautiful birthday dinner for my friend Sara.

And then, after several hours of savoring, I waited for the bill that never came. I was told to put on my coat because we were leaving. Reaching for my wallet, my friend Betsy said not to worry. What?? My eyes were wide. Really?? She laughed her amazing extended hahaha laugh and said it was wonderful to see me, and she would text me later.

It turns out a man I had just met that night paid for our whole table. And my other friend bought several bottles of tequila for the kitchen staff. And I was the beneficiary of so much generosity and kindness.

santa-claus-1819933__340A free meal.

We all love a free meal. We love friendship and joy and laughter and beautiful, mmm mmm mmm food.

I texted Betsy frantically that I was so grateful. She replied, “I wasn’t expecting it either, but it made for a magical end to a fun night of laughter and friendship.”

Well said, I wrote. So well said.

Ever since then, I have felt so happy about the kindness of strangers. And I have contemplated all the free meals I have been gifted with. Some of my favorites were free pizza or a free bagel. Last week, I bought my class free pizza and it was so fun.

It’s fun to get a free meal, and it’s fun to give one too.

Have you ever gotten something for free? Something wonderful and unexpected?

card-1835447__340Take a moment and remember: What have you received for free? Look around you: How many wonderful things are free?

I sat down this morning and started making a list of all the amazing things I get for free. All the resources in my community that are free to everyone. All the things going on at my university that are free to everyone. All the beauty in nature that we all marvel at that is free free free free free.

Of course, cynics will say that there is a cost to someone. But how often do you give thanks for all your benefits? How frequently do you acknowledge all the gifts that people are giving or trying to give you?

What are the gifts that people give to you? Are you receiving them? Are you appreciating them? Can you see them everywhere?

Beautiful, gorgeous, holiday reader: ‘Tis the season for gift giving… but it doesn’t have to be contained to a holiday and a time of year or even a special occasion. People are giving you gifts every day: Do you accept them? The world has resources to offer you: Are you finding them? Your community is reaching out to you to join them: Are you listening?

Look for the gifts in your life. Surprise! They are everywhere. Some are delectably and deliciously generous, and some are small and subtle.

Open your heart to the gifts that people want to give. Accept them. You are worthy.

Loving you out there. Mmm mmm mmm. XO