Write a Few Novels to Write a Few Novels


A few years ago, I started a novel and then stalled on it. It caused me a lot of stress, because writing a novel had been a dream of mine for a long time. Then, after a life coach training with Brooke Castillo, I changed my thoughts and feelings about my novel.

I asked myself, “Why? Why do you even want to write this novel?”

The answer at the time was “Because I think I can make some people laugh, brighten their day, and help them escape a little bit into something fun. And even if it’s only a few people, that would be worth it.”

That answer felt good to me. That way of thinking lit a spark. It caused me to feel relieved. It eased the pressure.

adult-2242164__340And then, the words just flowed out of me. Consistently. With ease, every day. I quickly finished my novel. I was proud. I really liked it.

Then, a funny thing happened. I didn’t really care if anyone read it.

WHAT??? After all that time, after all that work, after all that stress, I didn’t care if people read it?

To be honest, I was happy that a few people read it. They liked it. It did make people laugh. Some thought it would be a shame if it wasn’t published. I don’t think it’s a shame. I honestly don’t care anymore. Why?

Because I wrote a novel… and guess what? The best part about writing the novel was writing the novel. The thoughts. The ideas. The walks around the neighborhood when the characters would talk to me. The plot twists I didn’t expect. The organic way in which the characters came to life and played with each other. The lessons the characters learned along the way. The satisfying jokes and metaphors and images. The way I saw myself braided into every character’s life in surprising, breathtaking, and beautiful ways.

The best part about writing a novel was writing a novel. I don’t look back at it and reread it. It’s on a shelf downstairs. I continue to enjoy writing every day.

WHAT??? Why don’t you share more of what you write?

Because the best part of writing is writing.

By the way, I’ve also run lots of short races, three half marathons, a trail half marathon, and a full marathon. And you know what?

little-girl-running-795505_960_720The best part of running a race is running.

Don’t believe me? Pick a race date and train for a race. Race day will be fun, sure, but it will be nothing compared to the fun, pride, and satisfaction you will feel along the way. Waking up in the morning and running. Feeling your quads get stronger. Noticing how your abs hug in and support you. Witnessing the miles get easier. Overcoming the lies your mind tells you about limits and who you are. Achieving longer distances and eating buttery bagels and drinking cold Cokes. Laughing at your dirty legs while sharing a Coors Light with your friend after a good long slog.

The best part of your accomplishments is the journey.


Gimme a break, I hear you say. The old “enjoy the journey” crap.

Exactly. What you really want is an enjoyable journey.

Are you on a journey now? Why not? Wouldn’t life be more fun?

Hey, boo! Write a few novels! Or do that new thing! Why? Only for the fun of it. For the flow of it. For the rhythm of it. For the inspiration of it. For the insights that flow from it. From the way you get stronger. From the way you surprise yourself. From the way you start to believe that you can do anything.

Gorgeous, dream-filled reader: When you achieve goals and realize dreams, the process creates an empowered you… which… SURPRISE!!! helps everyone around you and changes the whole world.

Who cares if you finish? Who cares if you publish? Who cares if you PR? Do it for all the growth and fun you’re going to have along the way.

Loving you out there. Enjoy the journey. XO



People Are Constantly Judging You


My favorite ridiculous thing is when people say, “No one is judging you.”

Ha! Yeah right!

People are constantly judging you.

I’ve been teaching public speaking for over a decade. I’ve taught over a thousand people. I would never tell a student that no one was judging them.

People are constantly judging you. Always. And forever.

You, my cheeky human friend, are amazing at judging! Your brain sifts, sorts, categorizes, evaluates, equivocates… You constantly question: Is this person safe? Scary? Threatening? Interesting? Weird? Different? Fun?

You are a constant, never-stopping, judgment machine.

My other favorite thing is when people say, “I mean, I don’t judge people…”

Ha! Yeah right!

gavel-568417_960_720Yes, you do. You are constantly judging everyone around you.

So what’s my point? Why am I bringing this up? Do I want to scare you and make you anxious and suggest that you never leave the house again?

HA HA HA! No way! I absolutely love you. So let’s tell the truth:

People are constantly judging you because they are humans and they have brains, and that is totally ok. It’s perfectly fine. It’s absolutely natural. It’s never going to stop. You can’t stop your brain’s judgements, and you sure as hell can’t control the brain of another human being.

Other people’s judgements are out of your control. I teach research-based tools and tips to help people be as persuasive as possible. I can teach you the best of all persuasion research, and you can study your audience as much as possible and then…

There’s going to be someone in the audience that hates you because you remind them of their ex-girlfriend. There’s going to be a short guy in the audience that hates tall women.

Are you ready to start getting plastic surgeries to be liked?

HA HA! See what I did there? I got all dramatic on you. Some of you aren’t going to like that. You’ll judge me. You’ll say I’m flip, crass, ridiculous, and insensitive.

Oh well!

gavel-1017953_960_720Here I am writing a blog anyway. Even though people are judging me. Even though people might not like me. Even though people are going to disagree with me.

Would you like to experience total joy and bliss and complete freedom? Practice detaching yourself from other people’s opinions.

Or not. Go ahead and try to please everyone…

Tired yet?

Guess what? I have tried really hard to control other people’s opinions of me. I want everyone to like me and think I’m great. UGGGGGGGGGG…. It is so stressful and impossible and it keeps me from doing anything new or brave or interesting.

Fear of judgement keeps me and you small. Do you want to stay small? I don’t. I am not small. I am tall. And bigger than them all.

Wow! Channeled some Dr. Seuss!

What’s that? Has someone judged you lately? I’m sure they have. And yeah, even though it’s totally normal, it can really sting. I hear you. I’ve been there. I get upset. And then I calm down and think:

Hey Judgy-Pants: WHO ARE YOU? Do you love me and want the best for me? Are you inspiring and amazing? Are you smart and compassionate and kind? Are you successful? Are you Oprah Winfrey? Then WHY SHOULD I CARE WHAT YOU THINK???

Nope. Don’t.

Do you have to listen to what others say or follow their advice? No. Do you have to get upset about the totally human constant judgement and advising that people do? No. People get to say whatever they want.

And you get to be all like: Blah blah blahhhhhhhh! Words words words! Goodbye words! Float away! I’ve got a blog to write! I’ve got a dream to follow! I’ve got some really cool stuff to do!

Have you forgotten???


Gorgeous, human, judgy-pants reader: The most important judge in your life is you. Decide to love yourself no matter what. If you have a higher power that is your judge, great! I guarantee they love you no matter what. Go with that.

Loving you out there! I’m banging the gavel! I am judging you!





Got Discipline?

Beyond a wholesome discipline,be gentle with yourself.You are a child of the universe,no less than the trees and the stars;you have a right to be here.And whether or not it is clear to y

At the end of his yoga classes, one of my teachers, James, reads the quote above from the Desiderata. So much wisdom from the yogis in my life! I am loving it.

Hey, you! Do you have a wholesome discipline? Are you gentle with yourself and others? What happens to you when your motivation falters?

In these scenarios, what would you do?:

  • #1: You’re tired of making healthy meals. There are cookies in the cabinet.
  • #2: Your heart isn’t into exercising today. You could sleep in.
  • #3: You are exhausted and want to snap at your mother on the phone.

What would you do? Really? Let’s be honest: We’ve all eaten the cookies, slept in, and snapped at the people we love the most.

OMG!!! Control yourself! Create some structure!

HA HA HA. I heard that. You little rebel you. As soon as I told you what to do, you went, “NO! DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! SCREW YOU!!!”

That’s ok. The thing is, I want us to feel better. I want to feel better. We are all human and we falter… that’s ok. I would like to falter less often. How about you?

Are you ready to get disciplined?

Probably not, right? HA HA HA. Smart, independent, successful people like you hear “discipline” and lose their minds. You start thinking about control and authority and suffocation and weakness.


Ok! I won’t. Because I’m not talking about discipline from me or any other external source.

I’m talkin’ ‘bout YOU.

It’s craft day! Create your own discipline. Your wholesome discipline. Your discipline of being gentle with yourself and others. Your discipline of daily self-acceptance and self-care. Your discipline of making choices to behave and speak in the ways that will lead to a fabulous life of your imagining.

I don’t care what your discipline looks like. Be creative. Here’s mine:

  • I meditate each day. Some days this is hard, yet it is my discipline.
  • I offer myself compassion each day. Some days this is hard, yet it is my discipline.
  • I let myself experience negative emotions and I try to be curious about them and learn from them. Some days this is hard, yet it is my discipline.
  • I exercise to gain strength. Some days this is hard, yet it is my discipline.
  • I walk my dog around the neighborhood, look people in the eyes, and say hello to them. Some days this is hard, yet it is my discipline.
  • I write good things about my life in a journal. Some days this is hard, yet it is my discipline.
  • I relax and unplug from technology and unwind every day. Some days this is hard, especially the “unwinding” part!, yet it is my discipline.

self-discipline-affirmationsThe motivation to do the things above is not always there. The motivation to do the things above does not come from a school or a guru or an institution or a friend. The motivation to do the things above waxes and wanes dramatically in my life.

And yet, I want to keep those commitments to myself to create a good life. In difficult times, I know discipline always makes me feel better. Another one of my yoga teachers, John, posted the quote on the right on his social media. Yogi wisdom again. Even the best yogis are never always motivated. We are all gorgeously human after all.

Gorgeous, stubborn, strong willed reader: Don’t let other people or institutions or gurus tell you what to do with your life. It’s your life. But if you feel a lot of negative emotion or are acting out of control, maybe it’s time you developed some discipline.

Your discipline. Your wholesome discipline. You can do it.

Beyond that, be gentle with yourself. The universe is unfolding. Isn’t it beautiful? Aren’t you so beautiful?

Loving you out there. XO


Father’s Day With a Dead Dad

FullSizeRender 8

There are several opinions in this post that you might not expect. I’m not going to say that I’m so sad my dad is dead and I really wish he was still here.

My father died. You don’t have to console me. It’s ok.

Having a dead dad doesn’t have to be sad, a shame, or tragic. It can be all of those, and that’s ok. You can process grief your whole life, and that’s ok. But not being sad and accepting that your parent is dead is also ok.

My father died when I was 18. I was totally devastated with grief. Today, I don’t think it’s sad anymore.

In this post, you might not expect me to talk about entitlement. There are subtle entitlements that people express about parents. I don’t feel entitled to a living father. I appreciate that I had one for 18 years.

You aren’t entitled to a father.

You aren’t entitled to a good father.

You aren’t entitled to a father who lives a long life.

You aren’t entitled to a kind and loving father who cares and teaches you and offers you sage advice from his long and successful career. You aren’t entitled to a father who supports you and is a role model and a pillar of the community. A nice guy. A smart guy. A witty, funny guy who always says oh my!- just the right thing.

Those dads are in the movies.

You aren’t entitled to movie parents. If you had them, I am happy for you.

If you think you have a crappy dad this Father’s Day, that’s ok too. You can be mad and wish things were different and rage against the injustice of your real, messy family, or you can accept that you have a living father, and you can let him be exactly who he is.

As Byron Katie says, “When you argue with reality, you lose, but only 100% of the time.”

FullSizeRender 7In this post, you also might not expect me to tell you that I don’t believe my father is gone. People say they “lost” their dad or they “lost” a loved one.

My dad did not get lost. I never lost him.

Some people pray to God or a god. I pray to my father. And my grandmother. And my former student who jumped off a cliff and never resurfaced. They are all there when I get quiet and calm. They are not lost.

People who have never experienced having a loved one die have a hard time understanding my personal experiences and beliefs: It’s hard to explain that my father is always there for me, and yet it is true.

My father runs with me in races. He is there at every major event when I’m happy – graduation, teaching award, laughing with friends. He is there when I cry out and sob for help. He constantly supports me and guides me and tells me I’m going to be ok. He assures me that he is watching over the important people in my life like my mom in Florida and my family and friends who are struggling.

My favorite thing is that my dad is CONSTANTLY laughing at anything I worry about, because nothing on this earthly plane is really that serious.

IMG_7428My father wants me, always, to have more fun. To lighten up. To love people and be kind. To let go of worry. To know everything is going to be ok. To live a happy and beautiful life and appreciate every second.

That’s what my dead dad wants for me and for everyone.

Gorgeous, child of a reader: You have a father. It’s ok if he’s absent. It’s ok if he’s imperfect. It’s ok if he’s dead. It’s ok to be upset about any of those things. Take a minute to be mindful: Is what you’re upset about even true? Is it a painful story?

My story is that my dad is dead and it’s ok that he’s dead. Although I was never entitled to a great father, somehow I got the best father imaginable AND I got to spend 18 loving years being Daddy’s girl.

My story is that I know, with all of my heart, I have not lost him. He is always there.

Loving you out there. Today, my dead dad wanted to remind me, and you: Have more fun with your life. Love yourself and everyone else. Appreciate all good things. And, for heaven’s sake, please don’t take Father’s Day, or any day, that seriously.

FullSizeRender 9

Your “Breaking Point” Doesn’t Exist


One of my graduate students told this story: “The thing is, I am fine speaking in front of a small group of people, but then… there’s this breaking point. At a certain number of people, I just freeze and can’t do it. I want to know how to get over that.”

I replied, “Great!!! The first thing you need to admit to yourself is that there is no “breaking point.” You made it up.”

My student didn’t like this answer. Some others made uncomfortable faces. But many students got it – I watched it start to click.

“Breaking points” don’t exist. You can’t prove a “breaking point” in a court of law. There is no statistical public speaking “breaking point” that was developed after scientific research on speech apprehension.

There is no “breaking point.” You made it up.

That’s INTERESTING. It’s not bad news! You’re not a bad speaker. You are SO INTERESTING. You MADE UP A BREAKING POINT!!! Why?

food-3089952_960_720Because we all do. We make up limits for ourselves. That’s ok. It’s ok to think you have imaginary limits. If you develop a mindfulness practice (as I also teach my students), you can start to catch yourself making up stories and start to change them. It’s ok that you’re making up crazy stories! We all do!

Here’s what’s not ok:

Don’t argue your imaginary semantic limits with me. I have a BA, MA, and PhD in Communication Studies.

  • If you’re 60 years old, you’re not going to have a baby or win Miss Teen USA.
  • If you’re 90 years old, you’re not going to hike to the top of Mt. Everest.
  • If you’re 5 feet tall, you’re not going to play in the NBA. Probably.

I understand real, physical, legitimate limits. I’m just calling your bluff on the imaginary ones. NO DEAL.

I will never agree that you’re “just not good at public speaking.”

I’m not going to buy into your story that “job interviews are scary.”

If you were born poor, I still believe you can make millions of dollars.

You have limited yourself with your own beliefs. I have limited myself with my own beliefs. The truth is that SO MANY of your so-called limitations aren’t true. You are lying to yourself. SO INTERESTING, right? We are all so very interesting. It’s all ok.

handstand-670829_960_720I used to think I wasn’t a runner. I’ve now run three half marathons, one trail half marathon, and a full 26.2 mile marathon. I lied to myself.

I used to think I couldn’t ski. I’ve now skied most of the resorts in Utah. Called that bluff.

I used to think I was a fat, awkward nerd. I now think that I’ve got some nice curves and some good things going on. NO DEAL!!!

Hey, boo: Take off your limits. Stop arguing that you’re limited. Call your bluff. Tell the truth.

There is no “breaking point.” You made it up.

Beautiful, super smart reader!!! Guess what?: If you made up a scary story, you can also make up a better one – one where you are whoever you want to be.

How do you do that? Start today. Pay attention to the way you think and speak. Develop a mindfulness practice. Let all your monkey minded thoughts run around in your active brain. Brains are wild and active. Let all those thoughts be ok. Practice awareness of them. Then maybe, you can start to catch yourself when you lie. Maybe you think a new truth. You can change your story. You can change your life.

Loving you out there. Take off the limits. They don’t exist.


Love Others Without Caring What They Think


A reporter once snuck into an event with former president George W. Bush. He waited in line to shake his hand, and then, when he got a chance, he said to W, “I don’t really like what you’re doing and you should be ashamed of yourself.”

George W. Bush smiled at him and said, “I don’t care what you think.”

The progressive reporter was horrified and wrote an opinion piece about what was wrong with America – people not caring about each other.

Umm… really? You know what? I was not a fan of W, but when I read this piece, I thought, Seriously? You sneak in somewhere and ambush someone and shame them in public and you want to be understood? You want to be respected? You want him to care?

You know how much I like disrespectful people who try to shame me?

Not much. And I certainly don’t care what they think.

owl-3321411_960_720There are so many incredible, intelligent, thoughtful, and compassionate people in my life. I love to listen to them, to their stories, to their ideas, to their visions. If they have wisdom to share with me, I’m all ears. I have a millennial mentor who is significantly younger than me, and I can’t wait to hear his opinion about things.

Why? Because he is kind. He is sunshine. He is magnetic and successful. He is intelligent and thoughtful and direct. He doesn’t hide behind other people or gang up on them. He directly tells people what he thinks. He wants to make interesting changes. He is way ahead of his time and his peers because of his incredible attitude.

Listen, toots. Everyone has an opinion. If you listened to everyone’s opinions, you’d be pulled in every direction, exhausted, confused, and you’d lose your ever loving mind!!!

Let the most important opinion in your life be your own. How do YOU think you’re doing? Do YOU like that person? Do YOU want to do that?

malinois-3331687_960_720Listen to YOU. Care what you think. Be mindful. Quiet the noise. 

Then, if you want to, listen to others. But definitely not everyone.

Listen to the people you admire. Listen to the people you respect. Listen to the people who light you up and inspire you. Listen to playful older people and wise young people. Listen to people who love you so much. Listen to people whose agenda is your happiness and your success and your best interests. Listen to people who want you to live your best life.

Please don’t care what everybody thinks. And if you can’t find it in your heart to care about someone, they aren’t listening to you either.

Good news! Leave them alone. As my grandmother would say, “Save your breath.” Save your breath for those who appreciate it.

Hey boo, YOU care about YOU and your opinions. Want to know whose voice is the most joyful, the one people will flock to hear?

You being the kindest, most compassionate, most loving, most engaging, most inspirational, most successful version of you. You speaking your affirmative truth.

Loving you out there. Give so much care to the way you think and speak. Your mindful and compassionate speech are the most important words you will ever say – to yourself and others.

Care what you think. Listen to YOU.

Then, be the loving voice others will benefit from hearing.


Feeling Discouraged? Maybe You Forgot Something


Recently, a student gave me a thank you note. In it, he thanked me for several things I did for him.

I forgot I did those things.

Reading the note, I thought, Oh, wow, he’s talking about me.

I totally forgot those nice things I did.

I forget that I do so many things right. Do you ever do that?

The day before that, we had a workshop where the facilitators asked us to talk about the mistakes we’ve made at work. Our insensitive moments. Acts of bias.

If you’re anything like me, I acutely remember mistakes. Standing like a deer in front of people frozen in fear. Crying in the car. Cringing over every less-than-perfect word I wish I could clutch back to my chest.

We need to improve. We need to learn. I get it. I’m a teacher who gets lots of feedback.

people-2557396_960_720And yet, how many times have I gone to a performance review and had my boss say, “Hey Georgi, you are doing really well. How do you do that? What techniques are you using that are going well? What new assignments did you create? What memorable moments have happened in your classes?”


Several teaching awards collect dust on my shelf: pieces of dead wood and laminate plastic with inscriptions. Symbolically, people think I do things right.

In reality, people are alive and pulsing. Students talk and hyperventilate and shake and tremble. They smile and frown. They come in and out the door and fidget and sigh. It’s a never stopping, constant interaction: giving and taking, struggling and growing, sharing and laughing.

My classroom is alive and flowing and 100% YES, I make mistakes.

But could you also ask another question?

black-and-white-2561651_960_720What have you done right?

Ask yourself what you’ve done right. Ask yourself what your friends do right. Ask yourself what your lover does right. Ask yourself what your parents did right. Ask yourself what the people in your community are doing right. Why???

Because we do so many things right! SO. MANY. THINGS.

hands-1797401__340We give thousands of words of encouragement and support. Hundreds of hours of work. Dozens of recommendations and favors. Singular and very personal acts of kindness.

Beautiful, gorgeous, reader: You can always find fault in yourself and others. That’s easy. Want success and mental health? Then start recognizing what you’re doing right. Offer yourself credit for what you’re doing right. Analyze and repeat what you’re doing right. Tell everyone around you all the things they do right.

Hey boo, you know what? I’m talking about an ideal world. Please don’t wait around for someone to ask you what you’re doing right. Ask yourself.

Revel in the answers. You, and all the people you love, are doing so many things right.

Yes, you.

Thank you for all you have done. Feeling discouraged lately? That’s ok. Did you forget? That’s ok too. We remember.

You do so many things right. Loving you out there. XO